Leonel Gongora, Colombian (1932 - 1999)

Leonel Gongora

Birth place: Cartago, Colombia
Studied: Washington Univ.

Exhibited: Confrontacion 1966, Mus. Bellas Artes, Mexico City, 1966; Am. Acad. Arts & Letters, New York, 1969; First Panam Graphics Biennial, Mus. Latertulia, Cali, Colombia, 1971; Fourth Int. Miniature Print Exhib., AAA Gallery, New York, 1971; Third British Int. Print Biennale, Bradform Mus., England, 1972; Lerner-Misrachi Gallery, NYC, 1970s. Awards: girst prize in drawing, Nat. Mus., Bogota, 1964; Nat. Acad. Arts & Letters Award in Painting, New York, 1968; Tenth Nat. Arte Prize in Lithography, Mus. Latertulia, 1970.

Work: MoMA; NYPL; Wash. Univ. Permanent Collection, St Louis, MO; Staatsgalerie Mus., Stuttgart, Germany; MOMA, Bogot·, Colombia. Commissions: paintings, commissioned by Fernando Gamboa for Mex Pavilion, Expo 1967, Montreal, PQ & Expo 1970, Osaka, Japan; lithographs, Lublin, Inc., New York, 1969, Bank St Atelier, New York, 1970 & Aquarius Press, New York, 1971.

Comments: Teaching: instructor, painting & drawing, People's AC, St Louis, MO, 1956-59; professor, painting & drawing, Iberoamericano Univ., Mexico, 1960-61; profesor, painting & drawing, Univ. Mass., Amherst, 1963-. Publications: illustrator, Mass. Review, 1967; illustrator, Minnesota Review, 1969; illustrator, The Intricate Land, New Rivers Press, 1970; illustrator, Poemas Podridos, Villa Miseria Press, 1972; contributor, Requirements of Yesterday and Today, Spectrum, 1972.

Sources: WW73; Toby Joysmith, Two Painter Poets," The News (Mexico City, Aug., 1969); Roberto Paramo, "Gongora, el Erotismo en Persona," El (Mexico City, Oct., 1971); Anna Mayo, "Never on Good Friday," Village Voice (New York, Nov., 1971).

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