Dana Gonsalves

  "You're going to love it in an instant," "Give us twenty minutes and we'll give you the world," Lose weight in one week," "Just add water." Forget about the long hours spent in the hot kitchen - we now have instant oatmeal, cake mix, pudding and microwavable three course meals. We have shuttle flights every hour, houses that vacuum themselves; no-iron clothes; machines to handle every tedious chore. Everything we touch is premeasured, prepackaged, preshrunk, pretorn and prepared for us. Before the time of the household computer, 132 channel remote control TV, voice a tivated car phone, anything worth having was worth waiting for. Today, the "I want it now" attitude prevails. Technology, whether we like it or not, has changed the way we see, hear and do things.

As much as I am opposed to being spoon-fed by technology, I know that without some of it, we'd all be spending a lot more time doing things we don't want to do.

I hate to do the laundry. The more automated that becomes, the happier I will be. On the other hand I love to cook. I can spend hours preparing a good meal: slicing, dicing, stirring, and popping the gcork on a bottle of good wine. I love to eat, and the prepartation contributes to my enjoyment of the meal. Most days, however, I "mike" a potato and save 52 minutes for things I like more that cooking and eating - things like design. The point is, the choice is mine.

The value of advanced technology is that it expands our options. The difficulty is that we still have to make a choice.

- Dana Gonsalves in the Visual Chemistry Booklet

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