Goog, American (1978 - )


Samir Bute aka Goog
Born: September 14th 1978 - Flushing, NY

Childhood- Spent first 8 years living in Flushing, NY then moved to Long Island, NY the summer before 9th birthday. Graduated high school with honors from Half Hallow Hills high school in Dix Hills, NY. Had two loving parents, father is a physician and mother is a homemaker. Eldest of 3 children, brother 4 years younger, and sister 13 years younger. Favored geometric forms, and technical artistic expression, no formal development of artistic skills. Advanced in scientific studies. 

SUNY Stony Brook Honors College 1996-2000
Major Biochemistry- Scholars for Medicine Program
SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine 2000-2004
M.D degree
Professional Career-
Residency in Internal Medicine Winthrop University Hospital- 2008 
Board Certification in Internal Medicine 2008
Practicing Physician till present

Hobbies- Spiritual studies, meditation, ancient knowledge, exotic matter, crystals,
anti-aging, scientific experimentation, music, travel.

Personal Statement- 

I live my life with a conservative set of values, achieved both professional and financial success by the age of thirty. As a result of being raised in a household with a physician parent, and medical training, all my thought process was governed by left brain thinking. Despite this, I started my own skincare company, and aspired to think BIG. I was successful in my endeavor, attained financial success and experienced all the best material pleasures this world could offer. At the peak of my ego’s reign, I desired to settle down with a seemingly perfect woman. 

After a brief four-month courtship I was engaged. At the time it was not known to me, but she had borderline personality disorder. I found this out after my “perfect” fiancĂ© began to show the hallmark signs of splitting into her alter-egos, the abusive behavior, cunning manipulations, and false blaming. This left me second guessing myself constantly, and nearly drove me to my psychological breaking point. At the time my inflated ego, began to slowly crumble over the next two years. During this time, it was the unconditional love of my family that sustained my soul. While trying to mend the relationship that would cycle between calm and periodic violent periods, I began to look inward. I started mediation and spiritual pursuits to keep myself in harmony. I became adept in practicing and furthering my knowledge in a relatively short period of time. I found what would previously cause violent arguments, I now could avoid with my mental state of being and continued to detach from my life. My increased spiritual and mental awareness allowed me to sustain the relationship much longer than would otherwise have been possible. After over two and a half years of battling, I ended the relationship in April of 2016. 

The pain I felt, only furthered my inward search to find meaning in why I experienced such a tragic loss of my ideal life. I was fortunate to have the love and support of both my siblings at the time. Together over the next seven months, we furthered our spiritual seeking to heights we never imagined, and experienced life like never before.  We all began to tap into our subconscious in our own ways, and were astounded by its miraculous powers. It was our love for each other that made this possible. What we were willing to do for that unconditional love, elevated our beings. We were each others inspiration.


Artistic break- 

On one early fall morning in Las Vegas, Nevada after gazing at the sun, I began to scribble on a piece of paper. My mind was calm focused in the present moment, at that time the speed of my hand jumped exponentially, and it began to write on its own. When I finished, I had created a dazzling and beautiful web, that was noticed immediately by my brother.

I began to experiment at home, and decided I would try painting in a similar manner. I had never painted anything before. It was my sister’s 25th birthday, and I wanted to give her something special and priceless. I bought a 48x48 inch canvas, brushes, and liqutex heavy body paints, and got started. With my sister as inspiration, I entered the present moment, and began to paint. For my first painting, it was impressive. A few weeks later, as I began to paint my second painting, my sister noticed I was liming the power of my subconscious mind by using brushes only.

The full power of the subconscious is limited by nothing, and any object or technique noticed in the spontaneous moment can be used. At that point, I decided to grab anything that “felt right”, wire, a pack of cards, flinging paint with a spatula, ribbons, leaves, rocks, sponges, even skittles candy. Anything in the environment, if felt at the present moment. I began to “feel” the presence of my subconscious while still having conscious control. I intended to create a subconscious painting, that would have high conscious understanding. Endgame art that was pure expression of the universal soul. 

Artistic Style- Abstract- Surrealistic Automatism

Artistic Aspirations- To further understand and develop techniques that will allow the expression of universal essence.

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