Ann & Giles Goss

Both artists are native to Long Island and Both spent their youth growing up during the 50's in the Seaford and Bethpage areas. Their outlook on art is traditional and closely linked to Long Islands marine environment with an occasional diversion into Western land¬scape painting due to family ties & expo¬sure to the EI-Jebel/ Aspen Colorado area.

The artists met in high school and have been together ever since. Giles attended State University at. Farmingdale studying advertising art and design and then went on to Hofstra University in pursuit of a degree in business. Married for over 35 years, the artists have experienced much of what life has to offer including 35 years of collaboration on art and oil painting.

Initially each worked alone, but found art
much more rewarding when done together. Each painting is created on a joint basis. Ideas, styles. layouts and colors are discussed. tested. modified & imple¬mented by both artists. The physical execution of each painting is also shared.

Art created this way results in works that are Unique yet do not restrict either artists creative or physical input. This harmony has been carefully worked out between the two artists over the years. The result? Each painting represents the essence of both artists viewpoints, talents and technical abilities.

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