Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman is a mixed media artist whose work often deals with issues of power, control, relationships, silenced voices and finding an authentic voice. Her newest works, though ranging from such tangible media as wire, wax, charcoal, photo and audio, all relate to memory and desire.

"I use wire organic sculptures incorporating words, intimate boxes overflowing with unvoiced thoughts, and audio installation pieces to tell my stories.

My mixed media wire sculptures relate to my mixed media drawings. Using wires of differing gauges, I create imagery that references the human form and incorporates words, excavating introspective feelings and thoughts. Wire magically becomes line in space, changing in character, and becoming messages from within.

In Reminiscences: Shreds of Memory I went into diverse neighborhoods and worked with senior citizens, making a sculpture of their hands while recording a story that resonated for them over many years. Although people said their stories were 'rather ordinary... nothing worth sharing,' the touching, talking and listening awakened buried memories and gave the seniors a voice to bring forth very compelling stories. The Installation consists of the sculptures, photos, drawings, phrases, as well as audio playing their stories, creating a space of remembrance, longing and desire.

All of my work is an excavation of the inner self, revealing deeper truths."

Naomi Grossman

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