Carlos Guzman, Cuban (1970 - )

His work seems to respond to a serious ontological problem: to imagine the working of the human mind, at a much deeper level than conscious processes. He can not be considered a surrealist or expressionist, neither a neo-historicist nor a post-medievalist.

In an original way he takes advantage of the graphical resources of scientific illustration, which he complements with representations of the Homo Sapiens, done with pen-strokes and brought alive with colors that remind us of the illuminated miniatures of manuscripts. He creates fish, flowers, insects, birds, magicians... and other beings, apparently unconnected images that flow over the canvas and interact with one another ad infinite. Beings with eyes of dragonflies, hats made of wings of bats and cosmetic dust of butterflies all populate his work. Finally: winged beings created with the use of warm colors and eye-catching gold, that creates them a sacred and sublime aura.

Furthermore, yellowish pages of old texts mixed and/or juxtaposed in a collage, become strange illustrations of surreal treatise of fantastic anthropology.

The works created by Guzmán transmit a certain eagerness of nobility, of spiritual purification, expressed through the myriad of those mysterious beings in their rituals, transfusions, infiltrations, as if they distilled their souls in the stills of time.


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