Charley Harper, American (1922 - 2007)
Edie Harper, American

  Since they met on the first day of art school in 1940, the pair have created a vast body of work--images that people either like or dislike.  To those willing to look beyond the obvious in Charley and Edie's art, the typical reaction is, "NOW I SEE IT!"
  Today the Harpers enjoy a cult-like following among people who appreciate the hard work of simplifying: minimal realism disciplined and pure.  Less truly is more.  And make no mistake-- the formal lines of Charley and Edie's art make it look good whether your decor is traditional, modern, or contemporary.
  With 60 years of art behind them,  I am proud to say that public enthusiasm and recognition--among private art collectors, interior design consultants and space planners, architects, graphic designers, magazine editors, parks and nature centers, scientists and naturalists, and museum professionals--continue to grow.
  As Todd Oldham observed of the buzz, "It's like trying to hold onto a cannonball."

About Charley:

There is more than meets the eye in a Charley Harper Serigraph. The first
look may reveal an animal, bird, tree, some color...but then the unique
linear patterns and shapes grab you with a special Harper message of
some little drama in life taking place right before you.

Charles Harper is probably the only wildlife artist in America who has never
been compared to Audubon.  And never will be.  For his is wildlife art without
the fuss and feathers - minimal realism, he calls it.  "I don't try to put
everything in; I try to leave everything out," he explains, adding impishly,
"I never count the feathers in the wings;  I just count the wings."

Reared on a West Virginia farm he spent most of his life residing in Cincinnati. 
Charley sadly passed away on June 10th, 2007. His artwork, his humor and his
kind heart will be sorely missed by all whom he has met and touched.  Charley
Harper had made three personal appearances at The Frame Workshop.

About Edie:

Edie Harper, the wife and long-time creative partner of Charley Harper and mother of artist Brett Harper, is an accomplished artist in her own right. Her whimsical style is at times quite similar to Charley’s, but her subject matter differs, offering an unusual and thoroughly Modern approach to images of cats, kids, and Biblical stories. Edie is a 1947 graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where she met her husband and also later taught.

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