Yin-Rei Hicks, Chinese/American (1933 - )

 Yin-Rei Hicks, Chinese/American (1933 - )

Yin-Rei is a nature artist whose work is strongly influenced by her native China, yet reflects a more Westernized approach. She was born in Hangchou, China in 1933 and first learned the beauty of painting and poetry from her father, Phe-lan Djuh. Her family moved to Taiwan when Yin-Rei was a teenager. She came to the United States in 1954 to study art and to be close to her future husband, whom she had met when he was living there as an exchange professor. She married, had three children, and continued to work as an artist and a teacher.

Her studio, Plum Blossom Studio, is located on a beautiful farm in Southern Indiana. She spends much time there studying nature and painting from her observations. Her earthy vessels in clay are embellished with details from nature. She is an avid gardener and has many varieties of Irises and lilies.

Yin-Rei exhibited in the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky featuring the origin and history of Chinese Calligraphy. Yin Rei exhibits in many Regional shows, has had one-person shows at the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, and at the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, Indiana. She has won the top sculpture award in the Art Center's Golden Jubilee Anniversary and was recognized as Artist of the Year by the Arts Council of Southern Indiana. She sells her work locally at the annual Art in Speed Park, in Speed, Indiana, which is held in late August.

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