Hans Hinterreiter, Swiss (1902 - 1989)

Born in 1902 in Winterthur, on 28/01/1902, the son of an Austrian and a Swiss mother. Attended primary school and high school. In his youth he met Max Bill (born 1908) know.

1920/21 beginning of a study of mathematics at the University of Zurich; change in the architecture department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Took lessons in music and painting lessons.

1922/24 study trips to Italy

1925 Diploma in Architecture at the ETH Zurich, to practice in architectural offices in Bern and Aarau. Painting lessons at the same time at W.L. Lehmann.

1929 Marries Mina Salm.

1929/30 stay in Seelisberg, where he is driving in an isolated landscape studies. Here he encounters the color theory of Wilhelm Ostwald, who revolutionized his work. He turns to deconstructive painting and experimenting with shapes and colors, whose laws he lies down in a "color organ and form."

1934 study trip to Spain, where he was impressed with the strong Moorish ornamentation of the Alhambra. Attracted by the favorable conditions of life, he decided to settle on the island of Ibiza (Balearic Islands). Experiments with light projections.

1936 The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, he is forced to return to Switzerland. He writes to his theoretical work, "The art of pure form" and is in contact with Ostwald Grete, the daughter of the physicist and color theorist Wilhelm Ostwald.

In 1938 he again meets Max Bill, who encouraged him, the "Alliance" to join.

1939 Death of his wife Mina in childbirth and return to Ibiza. He continues to write his aesthetic geometry, which is being tested in new studies of color and form. Nevertheless, the break contacts with Switzerland does not: it is 1942 and 1947 with the "Alliance", the agreement of modern Swiss artist, the Kunsthaus Zurich.

In 1953 he acquires in Santa Eulalia Ibiza as a farm, with its design, it employs more than a decade almost exclusively.

1963 marriage to Inge Carlo joke. Hans Hinterreiter shifts again to the painting and its theoretical conception, which he checked and refined earlier attempts. At the same time he begins to deal with new technical reproduction processes, with the help of the computer. The international art market is aware of him, and the exhibitions are piling up.

In 1973 the Kunstmuseum Winterthur Museum held its first exhibition, which joins the Swiss art world wide interest. The exhibition contains a large number of studies and paintings in pure black and white or black-gray-white, which are almost all written in the previous year.

1984 The Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop, organized the first German museum a back-rider issue.

1988 The first museum exhibition in the United States at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and other stations.

1989 Hans Hinterreiter died on 9/19/1989 in Ibiza at the age of 87 years.
His artistic legacy goes back to the Hans Reiter Foundation, founded in 1985 in Vaduz since 1996 and has its headquarters in Zurich.

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