Andre Ingres, French (1938 - )

Impressionist painter, "self" its contents are the oil painting, pastel and watercolor.

His figurative painting depicts landscapes that recreate the sensation of the seasons, clumps of very light and transparent sea waters.

Born Puycasquier, near as we welcome the way, is - like many young people of that time - at age twenty, he left to do his military service. He remained in Algeria for twenty-eight months.

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Constantine and the Aures region will be his click. Despite the war, the emerging artist is revealed and begins a creative activity, rich in light and tranparent fullness.

The matter of his early works will be pastel.
Subsequently, the landscapes of Provence, the Camargue and Côte Basque find themselves caught up in his paintings.
Then the artist encounters and begins to expose ... Pau, Biarritz, Bayonne, Toulouse, Bordeaux ... The bright light of his work touches and soon in 1968 he exhibited in Paris.

In 1972 Andre ingres encounters an art dealer, acquired his work for the United States: it is now en route to success

In 1990, Andre ingres painting was discovered by a Japanese gallery owner in Tokyo. And it shall contact him and they start a collaboration on Japan.

Will take place one year after a first exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka. The artist's works are purchased all over Japan. Since then, Andre ingres is called 2 times per year in the gallery in Tokyo, where he meets his public.

Following this success, the gallery owner asked him to paint mainly Japan and cherry blossoms in Kyoto and Mount Fuji.
In the gallery of Tokyo, the works of Andre ingres have neighbors that those of Chagall, Miro and Bernard Buffet
. The artist Andre Ingres had in his life during difficult times, but his strength of character enabled it does not alter his creativity, nor to renounce his style.

His art is still as bright, impressionistic style has remained intact. In his paintings are always found beautiful lights in slightly misty landscapes.

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