Jo Jaysan, British

Jo Jaysan

Originally from the UK, I always painted and drew from a very early age. I studied Fine Art and then had a moment of madness for 2 years where I found myself in Media and Advertising. Finally I saw sense, and went on to become a professional Muralist and Decorative Painter for 15 years.

I moved from London to Sydney and then to New York, where I have now lived for 12 years, and since become a citizen. During the break down of my marriage , I began working on my own personal paintings. I focused closely with healing myself emotionally and studied the body’s chakras and explored many different variety of Energy Work and modalities. I knew I wanted to heal and teach in some way, and in time, all the knowledge and wisdom I had collected , manifested into my first series of paintings called The Essence of Color – The Goddess Chakra Paintings.

From these paintings, I was inspired to create products to help others connect with their OWN power , beauty and healing, through the awareness of color and chakra energy centers in the body.

From an early age I was always very connected to the myths, legends and literature of the Ancient Gods, and Goddesses, Old Folk Tales and Pagan and Celtic rituals and practices. As my work has developed , I have become more and more connected with the Divine Feminine – The Goddess – The Feminine energy that has been missing from this planet for so many centuries and is now making its way back into our culture again, finally. I love my work and nothing gives me more pleasure and more satisfaction than to channel this incredibly powerful and beautiful energy and wisdom, and manifest it into a painting, a silk scarf, a beautiful candle or a meditation kit.

I am finally living my purpose and am truly grateful, and hope that my work now and in the future can continue to inspire, heal and empower all those who look upon it.

Blessings, Jo

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