Ihsan Cemal Karaburcak, Turkish (1897 - 1970)

Ihsan Cemal Karaburcak

The artist's life story, which was published in health "Art Appreciation " from bookshops are summarized in the following form with your own narration.

In 1898 was born in Istanbul. First collectible my Besiktas Junior High School , the secondary education my Stone İdadisi, the higher the studying at my PTT School Alinda did. Thereafter PTT administration inspectorate, starting from the Telegraph 's Office to the various tasks and saw the way scientific and professional knowledge in order to increase Europe ' of many centers spaced a long time I stayed. 1933 Telegraph Affairs separated from Anatolian News Agency the Chief Muharrirlik duty undertaken have 1944 to 1948, up in Bucharest Anadolu Agency represents 've. , 1948 again top Muharrirlik duty bought . 1949 year I resigned at the end of this mission.

A paint brush in my hand for the first time in 1930 Universelle in Paris at the Ecole bought . It would be useful to school with the idea have registered for , but after a short time so I had to leave school . Solid instruction in the school was not appropriate to request the rules of contemporary art. I have not charged academic " audodidact " they say, a self-taught painter. This school teacher full academic charged evaded , higher mathematics charged for doing the line perspective of themselves much better when I know , Cezanne, from inspired the intentional my perspective is wrong even for the purpose of realizing to fix up when he saw that , then quite important annual tuition money, books, and in 1948, after carefully examining it as an important and responsible duties to leave by day and night Although I have given myself entirely to art.

The artist died on 06/10/1970, opinions and understanding of art, started from 1951 due to personal exhibitions and brochures with the same name , has given several conferences, has announced in an interview with art.
The following section presents examples of his art was showing understanding:

Each piece of art designed in advance with ( the idea) , later to be exercised (Figure) . A table and we want to build something without a doubt the meaning of art in the " nice "is. And our goal at Matisse said, such as " vulgar "or fleeing the 're responsible for a very long time in front of the audience is to keep most of the Our cause musician and painter train up, maybe even before , rather than the art of loving , understanding, and the majority of its" pretty " t first glance the appellant to raise a generation is the case . These youth 's public culture is the case.

Painter ever at a speed nature as well as the opposite I did not , was not able to . Sometimes his temperament and spirit of parts of the cataract separated from him , sometimes the lines , and sometimes the colors as a fan of one or the other one tebriz has maintained ... " ( Art Appreciation , 1 brochure -1951 ) .
- " ... I picture based on the itibaril name do not make . Any landscape located or may be here. This what it's worth ? Main thing which is its temperament have seen how , how commentary was is that . Property painter's inner realm of cardboard or canvas to put only one On the occasion, the real craftsmen who is this inner world ... "

Art temayülü I was, of course momentous changes have occurred , but the understanding of art about the conceptions I outlined itibaril no changes yet , and not too ... Painter, was transferred in nature environment there is no line that said, another was transferred , the line hyperbole have used with . turnover was in his work thought , dream and sensitivity have dominated back then, nature has returned . But no matter what any one cycle of a team of fraud rigid rigid pedestals , zaanat 's workmanship, ruled by a table a work of art has been made. centuries ago made ​​works of art in the same era when we compare the works of evil , we reach the same result . larger image statements that constitute the works of art in any unreserved loyalty are two pruning . width and height ..... ( Art Appreciation , 2 Brochure - 1955).

Anyone want to love free will . However, art assets, an accurate idea of non can say only question is this: I love or do not like , I like , or do not go . But I do not like about what art extent to give judgment without scratching up , will you? ... Arts and dimensions values ​​, no matter what kind of work , with this measure and value a work of art worthy of the name will be effective on all the works and should be...

Artist incessantly and without knowing Istıhâla , and very strange, its kind of transition to assay the trace to explain the homework though by God critics to , scholars , philosophers fall. Inspired assayed artist, he never thought that , to conceive the ideas , feelings and aspirations attributed to that by seeing marvel marvel at the falls. a craftsman in the spirit of thought and the stylistic Istıhâla all a cycle Istıhâla a small sample of is . Craftsman before him come and gone schools, willfully unwillingly , in a short time will be repeated and permanent change effort outlived if her own personality will take you to . personality today in art , especially in painting individualism has gained shape . Indeed, few true artisans If you are experiencing today , it can be said that there are school ... "

Art hostel that I am convinced that, especially today ... a true artist of the day artist. A cave has not been closed , spiritual and die if it is connected with the world is not interrupted . Hindsight , reads, speaks , listens. The world what's happening how to remain unaware of ? A moment unaware that even if we assume the original and true artists are stopping for research will make . Today in art original molded , frozen skill , not getting lost in developing advanced disposable "personality ", which " authenticity " tr ... A real Turkish artist in his work from the land come and gone all the civilizations that included even though members of the civilization traces avoided not got in the way will be . however, was, of course only to see who knows the eyes of this feature to notice and had the pleasure able . this property willingly , coercion , not by exhausting research and long-term studies at the end , artist, inasmuch I'm living on this land , I have experienced before , such as , for example, mosaics and miniatures imitation photos if I do , and attracts attention , as well as official Turkish property , Turkish schools established says I am guessing by itself in advance condemned happens . But self will emerge property , even only in Turkey but in other countries, to love , to be carried out and is now a famous feature of not being a rapidly grow out , with perfected mAlArlA international art a temporary style will remain and it will be referred to . It maybe another artist's another feature and this feature also those who will follow , I suppose that stranger in a land followers will find mankind's feza spaces around in these dizzying speed in the international countless stylistic and drafts, mingling with the new stage will lead to. Each new novel is pregnant with another .... "

Abstract become şartil figurative or nonfigurative painting that makes the artist a certain level, if it has reached and personality , if the transfer of the elite is the painter . Otherwise no longer a figurative subject , even in the abstract, bearing an artist, painter , say living artists say it is not possible .. . however, to complete abstraction , figurative constant work done on the patient and could be reached at the end if all the thinkers are unanimous .... " ( from an interview with the artist on 13.06.1966 ).

I color ressamıy am. Solar de colors for killing the nature of the air, the land where the clouds to accumulate or after rain, soil or trees and buildings is washed, the colors arise during the hours sevmeklig this may be why. Darker shades , the more it between tones in the appropriate places be light or from the bottom of the lighting mature charm under my stay would choose should be . Maybe you pessimistic or melancholic mood or temperament is the matter , who knows? But reason whatever , me impregnate a result I've taken , art for art I'm doing , according to art out thus they like my life means.

Though it still otherwise said there, but still " art only for art's sake "and I first of all for the arts and to satisfy myself for the picture I'm doing . And for everyone to breathe a need, the real painter to painting such a need I think it is . But every musician himself who speaks the language to a certain level reached audiences of course, want to impress . these human thing. Yet while painting it does not think . yesterday's work to bring something, the more beautiful to achieve the throes pulls, Dinner, sleep forget, property damage gets out . Oddly enough , I say based on my personal experience, even suffering a severe illness, lost work.

The great artistic geniuses of longevity while completing only regret , eyes in the back leaving the only thing art fully understand and want for years, that you miss making prospect reaches the thought of the time, life to say goodbye that I absolutely believe ...." ( 13.06.1966 from an interview with the artist on )
Artist, since 1949 and has served on the selection committee of the exhibition , paintings regularly to the State has given picture , " Abstract Landscape" with works from the 29 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition has received the second prize . In the first exhibition " Art Appreciation " published under the name of brochures , as well as in various newspapers criticism photos, art article , has written technical and literary books published compilations and translations
Artists in 1956, in Ankara has opened an art gallery that bears his name , and for a period of nine years was able to execute this gallery . He Turkish Plastic Artists Association President, Association of Art Critics member Turkey , Turkey is a member of the Society of Contemporary Artists and was one of the founders of the Black Pencil Group.

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