Mara Karetsos, Greek (1944 - )

Mara Karetsos

The life of Mara Karetsos film progresses as a blistering pace in the same role of director, screenwriter and editor - and the protagonist, of course. How we feel when Hillary Clinton knows your little name when you go out for drinks with Kennedy, Robert De Niro and Woody Allen, and your works are in important private collections, but the White House and galleries and museums around the world?"I was a girl who started from Larissa to 100,000 inhabitants saw the world only in magazines. I put a goal in my life: do not go back to my country if I did not name. I was ten years even when I told everyone that I will become an artist, I will report and will be like Picasso, "says the outset. Finishing school and going from Larissa in 1968, when they left not a single woman to study.It was time to build something bigger than the "little glyptakia" that shaped the clay of her father brought the Peneus.

"A lot of my old teachers told me when I go to Larissa:" I put a signature on this small petaloudaki you had painted five years old? ". It's amazing! », Says the review continues.He manages to get the third at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and Professor Thanasis Apartis studying on a scholarship Sculpture and Ceramics. Immediately after graduating appointed curator at the National Technical University, the headquarters of Plastic. Everyone is excited, but she wanted more. Within six months he decided to go to Paris: "I was just 25 and took 25,000 drachmas in 1973. I remember everyone telling me: "Where are you going to let that kind of money ... Here you will become a professor. " I did not hear anything. "He married an Italian painter Luigi Belatsi Pierre, whom he had met at an exhibition in Italy and go to Paris with 100,000 drachmas.

"Picking a house in the Montparnasse and start working frantically. Without money, with tremendous difficulties, sometimes ate only bread with some olives and French cheese. So we spent three years of hard work. One day I went to Paul Faketi to show him my work - it always geared to the major galleries, never small. And it took me ... For Faketi Manolidis worked then, the Pheasant. And then came the Iolas ... ".Alexander Iolas-mentor of the season Surrealists like Max Ernst and Magritte and a passionate fan of pop art of Andy Warhol, was one of the greatest chapters in her life. When you tell her enthusiastically, after a report-«Let's go to America», not thinking. Counting ten years in Paris leaves for America. Alone. The Belatsi will not follow because he does not want to leave Europe. He works 20 works in bronze and lands in New York with $ 1,000. "In November I will come and make your report," says the collector.The reason the contract was: "He was a man extravagkant, very difficult with the artists, often difficult and payments, but he knew. Let the artist work, work ... but when they reached the time of the report made him god. Came the day of the exhibition, the gallery was crowded. I do not know anyone in New York. In 1982. And soon came the words I said I'll never forget, "This is Mara Karetsou. This is the artist ". Sold throughout the report for $ 200,000, money that I had ever seen in my life. Just bought a Rolls Royce and I got my house in Park Avenue. "In New York knows and marries gallery Keith Green. Hang out with and hang in Iola «Factory» of Warhol. "With the Iola went often to his studio because Warhol bought his works. He was the child of the era of fast money and fast success.

Sometimes reaches the Iola job and was so engrossed that did not stop. He said: "If you hurry, I'll give them more expensive. If you wait three hours, you will get the right price ". It was very good at marketing ».We already have a second drink coffee and orders a beer. Masoulontas crisps tells me that what we hear about the lifestyle of the true artists of the time: "Of course there were many drugs in the studio of Andy. It was the era such the 70s and 80s. Fortunately not all of it touched me. I had such passion for my career ...I said that I should succeed and not lose my mind. Because when you "get lost" in the content may be losing opportunities in your life that will not reappear. " In Greene will stay married seven years, but will not have children. "The kids that I did with any of my two wives was my choice because I put her career first. I wanted to go. And I have not regretted it because it was selected after much deliberation, "he confesses. "I am grateful for what I experienced with them. Now he does not concern me love, looking for something else, I want peace. A partnership with a man or a trip. Love has no mind. If it is not love. "After the death of Iola begins a new phase in her life. He goes with a major exhibition in Tokyo, gallery «Art Point», with pyramids lucide in turquoise, purple and green. As reported magazines of the era (1990), the pyramids impress - their prices ranging from 60,000 to $ 250,000. We sell all the works for $ 1 million.

However, money does not change. Neither the Rolls Royce in blue shadow, nor Omar's personal chauffeur, nor Ferrari, nor the studio in Saint-Tropez or the house in Palm Beach where it goes when it's too cold in New York: "When I buy something do not buy as a luxury but with enthusiasm young child gets more games because it was found and with more money.The real luxury for me is to live well, I have good friends. I love to share everything because even the greatest success loses some of its importance when they share with the people you love and know that they love.

The Oscar Wilde had said a very nice, "Success is peace of mind", and not to make billions of dollars even if you have to kill for it. "Genuinely cosmopolitan and always focused on creative work and quality life, has split its time between New York and St Tropez without forgetting Greece to be visited in the summer before or after exposure to the Riviera. Besides the white and turquoise are the colors that represent it. And where else could find more white and turquoise than it is in the Mediterranean?

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