Jan Kasprzycki, American

Born in Rhode Island and raised in Southern California, Kasprzycki was educated at Art Center in Los Angeles. After graduating, he worked as a graphic designer whose talents were sought after by some of America's major corporate clients: Max Factor, 20th Century Fox and Hunt-Wesson Foods among them.

Kasprzycki moved to Maui in 1976, where at home with his wife Kathy in the island's upcountry grandeur, surrounded by eucalyptus and flowers, he is able to immerse himself in the clarity of vision and purpose that such a powerful environment provides. Each stroke of his brush becomes an emotional act. The compositions that emerge are both abstract (in detail) and representational (in subject matter). The magic that so deftly unifies these disparate forces - the abstract and the representational - is color. Kasprzycki puts it simply: "I'm a colorist. It is color that takes my hand and tells it what to do."

For over thirty years, Kasprzycki has painted and exhibited his artwork throughout the U.S. and Asia. Maui, as an international travel destination, has allowed Kasprzycki to expose his work to a world wide clientele, and as a result, his paintings can be found in personal and corporate collections on every continent. Many discriminating world travelers who sojourn to Maui consider a visit to Kasprzycki's studio to be the highlight of their Hawaiian vacation. In years past, Kasprzycki was commissioned to produce a collection of over 20 artworks depicting a 100,000 acre working cattle ranch in Oklahoma. The idea was to document the ranch and it's cowboy lifestyle before it was passed on to heirs, subdivided, and lost to a new era. Another similar commission was to develop a collection of close to 50 artworks depicting Retla Steamship Co.'s fleet of freighters in action at various ports around the world. That collection was designed to hang in the Retla corporate headquarters. Kasprzycki says, "I have never done a large body of work on a particular theme that was not commissioned by a singular client or company. NightScapes International Collection is a mission of my own creation".

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