Robert Kellerman

  Noah got the message, loud and clear. He was to build an ark, make it a specific size with specific contents, and deliver on a specific date. Unlike many of his colleagues, Noah got the facts straigth, built the art and delivered on time.

Granted, by today's standards Noah didn't break any maritime speed records, and his sense of aesthetics left much to be desired. But consider the following: one while the primates were grooving to "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore," Noat designed and built an art with a little more than cubits and wood; and two, his sole contact was The Big Guy in the sky who was always yelling at him. Blessed with twelve years of Sunday school, I'm led to believe that neither Noah nor The Big Guy had any prior experience on a graphics system. The should be applauded for what many today wouldn't consider doing without a color monitor, a few megabytes of memory and a weather report.

Noah's expertise enabled him to accomplish a demanding task. But imagine what he could have done with a little of today's technology. The choices would have been endless: higher ceilings for the giraffes, wider bunks for the hippos, a seperate roost for near-sighted pigeons and sperate play ares for the wolves and the pigs.

Countless variations on any configuration could have been created by Noah within minutes. Maybe not an art afterall, maybe a catamaran. They're so much sleeker, and boy, do they turn heads. All of this could've been done, of course, at the touch of his finger and the swivel of his chair sparing his creative genius.

Today designers are being givn the opportunity to explore, create and experiment with thoughts and ideas that in the past only existed in theory, and in theory only existed in the future. The time has come to put down the pencil and pick up the mouse. of course now that I think about it, I wonder if things would've turned out differently. We all know that Noah knew what only one mouse could do.

- Robert Kellerman from the Visual Chemistry Booklet

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