Andrew Brian Kessler


Andrew Brian was born in Manhattan, New York on February 12, 1946. He spent his formative years in Southern California in the town of Tujunga, 20 miles north of Los Angeles and greatly appreciated the natural wonders of the ocean, mountains and desert. His family moved to the Mid-west when he was a teenager and Andrew worked for several years in his father’s antique shop where he did his original oil paintings.

He has been strongly influenced by the French Impressionist style. Andrew characterizes his approach as “Creative Chaos” and describes his style as abstract. As it is said, “Truth is Beauty.” Andrew, having a desire to understand the deeper meaning of life, began the study of Yoga, teaching classes for several years and briefly at the Drury College. He completed his formal education with a B.S. degree in Sociology from Southwest Missouri State University in 1968.

Ever since he was very young, Andrew has had a desire to find an outlet for his creative expression. Working in the antique shop helped to bring that about. After producing a number of paintings, he held a private showing of some of his works in his home and sold his first painting. Then, the following year, 1992, he received an opportunity to put on an exclusive exhibit at the former Jordan Creek Art Gallery in Springfield MO. Exhibiting 23 oil paintings and received a write-up in the local arts and entertainment magazine.

Living close to Branson during the 1990’s Andrew had the opportunity to see many live shows. This acted as a catalyst and he started composing music, eventually producing a CD with featured vocalist Trish Fevold who performed onstage with Bobby Vinton for five seasons at his Branson Theatre. Andrew has also experimented with computer graphics and produced a series of computer generated images as part of a project for a book of original art entitled, “From Canvas to Computer”, which would embody original works on canvas as well as computer generated images. That project is still ongoing.

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