Sybil Kleinrock, American

Sybil Kleinrock

Sybil Kleinrock is the wife of jewelry designer, David Yurman.

In the late 1960s, David Yurman returned from his journey and quickly started working with a sculptor named Hans Van de Bovenkamp. While working with him, David met Sybil Kleinrock who wore one of David’s pieces to an art opening. This caught the owner’s eye, but David was hesitant on recreating a piece that was so special to him. Together, Sybil and David created designs and later, they married. With opening their store, this laid down the foundation to opening the David Yurman business and brand in the 1980s.

"She knocked me out," David told me with real emotion and a sparkle in his eyes, "And the rest is history. We've lived and worked together for 42 years now." Together they began an art business that eventually evolved into turning small sculptures into jewelry. By the mid-1980s they had made a name for themselves with the cable bracelet, a piece that has become a fashion classic and is still a signature item of the company almost three decades later. Today, David Yurman Inc. is a highly respected and extremely successful company selling high-end jewelry and watches that is still family owned and operated. And David is still extremely passionate about what he does. He said his favorite collection is "whatever I'm working on at the moment" and he truly enjoys the designing process. "We look at a piece that isn't quite there yet and play with it. Why don't we run this in straight lines? What about tubes? It's a game and it's fun."

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