Marc Koller, American

Marc Koller

Marc’s passion for art began early, when his mother, an artist herself, taught him to paint with oils at age 6. All through high school, Marc’s passion was for art, drafting and geometry. He began as an art student at State University at Oswego in 1967. Although it wasn’t an art school, the professors were all accomplished artists in their own right and were a powerful influence on young aspiring artists.

Roy Lichtenstein was a former teacher at Oswego in the late 50s. During the 60s and early 70s, Marc’s art was focused on the psychedelic world of day glow posters. In 1971 he published a series of black light posters for Personality Posters of New York City. Sadly, none of these early works have been found.

Marc has degrees in architectural technology and educational technology, has taught architectural drawing at a vocational high school, and he taught at MIT.It was while teaching high school that Marc developed his skills as a silk screen artist.He built a silk screen studio in his garage and created his first limited edition serigraphs.He took his editions to New York City and developed a working relationship with HMK Fine Arts, distributor for Gramercy Park Fine Arts. Marc worked with the gallery to create his first 22-color serigraph edition.

Influenced by the works of Victor Vasarely and MC Escher, as well as the writings of Aldous Huxley, his style forces the viewer to see beyond the expected reality. Each design is created by hand, and originals are hand-colored using watercolors. Marc is also offering a wider variety of original works, taking advantage of the quality and perfect replication of giclée printing. Marc’s most recent show was at the Coastal Arts League & Museum in Half Moon Bay, California.

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