Phyllis Krim, American

Phyllis Krim

Phyllis Krim has long been interested in the inherent beauty in mechanical objects. For the past few years she has been
absorbed with the rendering of cars. The gorgeous and gleaming surfaces of her cars bring to mind F. Scott Fitzgerald, robber barons, and a host of associations from a more genteel period in American
history. The American infatuation with the auto- mobile is legendary, the connections between the development of the automobile and recent American history are inseparable. These objects are, like show dogs,
groomed and pampered, even adored. Objects of great pride and sentiment, they
are a graphic representation of the American identification of ego with object, our
inability to distinguish who we are from what we own.

Ms. Krim clearly delights in the marvelous shapes and shining surfaces of her subjects.
The cars she paints are carefully chosen, the best examples of the best industrial designers of that time. The artist equates them with the massive forms of sculpture. She is fascinated with the inherent energy in their design. Most of the pictures are devoid of any background except for a horizontal line placed high on the canvas and a hint of sky.
In each painting the car is the main subject and dominates the entire canvas. Careful
attention has been given by the artist toward faithfully capturing the myriad of surface
reflections and highlights that play on the shiny surface of the car's body. Particular
care is taken to reproduce the luster and sparkle of the chrome trim. Every detail of
the cars, down to license plates and windshield wipers has been expertly duplicated.
Krim paints with an energy and gusto that puts her cars into high gear.

Individual Exhibitions
1973 Ferrari Showroom/Chinetti Galleries, New York
1974 Cordoba Gallery, New York
Pontiac Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan
1975 Ninth Annual "Ten Downtown", New York
National Rod and Custom Car Show, New York Coliseum, New York
1976 New York University, Loeb Student Center, New York
1977 Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania Hershey Convention Center, Pennsylvania
1978 Marl Galleries, Woodstock, New York Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York
1979 Dorsky Galleries, New York National College Art Association, New York
Long Island Automotive Museum, Southampton, L.I., N.Y.
Collectors Cars Automotive Museum, Southampton, L.I., N.Y.
1979 Auto Expo, New York Coliseum, New York

Collective Exhibitions
1973 Fordham University, Lincoln Center, New York Adelphi University, Garden City, L.I.,
1974 The Mobile Art Gallery, Mobile, Alabama
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, N.Y. Avery Fischer Hall, Lincoln Center, New York
1975 Sullivan County Art Museum, New York
Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
Landmark Gallery, New York
Walker Street Gallery, New York
1976 Terrain Gallery, New York
Gimpel and Weitzenhoffer, Ltd., New York
Women's Interart Center, New York
1977 Woodstock Art Association, Woodstock, New York
1977 Star Turtle Gallery, New York
1978 William Penn Memorial Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Museum College of Art
Philadelphia Print Club
1979 "Ten Downtown", Ten Years
Documentation Show, Greene Street Gallery, New York

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