Muramasa Kudo, Japanese (1948 - )

Muramasa Kudo

Muramasa Kudo was born in Japan, 1948. A multi-talented artist, his origins are in Japanese Calligraphy. In his teens he sought tutelage from a Calligraphy master and flourished winning three world titles. From his training he became a painter and a sculptor. Once he combined his masterful Calligraphy training with the breathtaking medium of Watercolor Art, the rest was history. Some major art collectors say he is one of few people in the world with a "surgeon’s wrist", he has a brushstroke which creates and even and consistent line that is very rare.

Life was great in Japan where he had become very popular not only as an artist but also with designing restaurants, working as a chef, racing cars, and managing the hottest nightclub. Yet although Muramasa had many career opportunities available to him, and an already established reputation, he wanted to create a brighter future for his sons. He believed that coming to America would be a great land of opportunity for himself and for his children. With a new son on the way, Takeshi Alexander Kudo born in 1980, he decided to make the move to sunny Southern California. This is when and where Muramasa Kudo began to make a real name for himself as an Artist.

Opportunity met talent. In the next ten years along with the guidance, love, support and management of his third wife Susan Kudo, Muramasa became part of the art boom in the 80’s. He was was a wildly prolific artist known for his exquisite watercolors of ‘healthy looking’ women. According to Muramasa many of his patrons are women.

He is a great entertainer who cooks, sings in Spanish, plays the Flamenco guitar and will gladly spend hours philosophizing about living a Zen life. Many people who meet Muramasa soon realize his personality is as great as his artistic vision, and they often remember meeting him as a special day. He has inspired the lives of many people and artists to stay focused and persistent on their dream. The talented famous guitarist Marc Antoine, openly thanks Muramasa for inspiring him.

Many of the most powerful and famous figures in the world have become collectors including Francis Ford Coppola, Whoopi Goldberg, Oliver Stone, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bikram & Rajashree Choudhury, Brad Pitt, Gary Lockwood, Lucille Ball, just to name a few. Collectors also include Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand, His Highness Prince Charles Antoine de Ligne of Belgium, His Highness Prince Homood Bin Saud of Saudi Arabia, and His Excellency General Chavalit-Former Prime minister Of Thailand and His Wife Khunying Phankrua.

Kudo is an active contributor to many charities, including the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, children's Diabetes Foundation, Heal the Bay, Venice Family Clinic, Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra Chorus, World Hunger Project, Angel Art, AIDS Project Los Angeles and The Los Angeles Children's Museum.

In 1992, the California Senate recognized Kudo for his contributions to the arts. Senator Art Torres, Chairman on the Pacific Rim committee appointed Kudo as California's Cultural Ambassador to Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Kudo has been exhibited across Asia, United States and Europe.

Muramasa’s vision and desire to be an artist was and always has been very simply to create beauty. He believes that creating art is a very important job because it creates culture.

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