Alain Le Foll, French (1935 - 1981)

Alain Le Foll was born in Brittany in 1939. He entered Caen Beaux-Arts School at the age of 11. Following study there he was apprentice at independent studios where he developed his talent for drawing and painting. Le Foll worked as an illustrator at SNIR and concurrently studied animated files, textiles, and other commercial design. In 1964 Le Foll began teaching at Ecole Nationale de Arts Decoratifs in Paris. His skilled career as a fine artist, teacher, and master printmaker was cut short by his death in 1982. He left a respected and greatly admired body of work.

Le Foll's work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States including: Paris, Zurich, Brussels, Milan, England, Germany, and New York. Having perfected his printmaking techniques, Le Foll has enjoyed printmaking exhibitions including: International Print Biennial, Bradford England; International Engraving Biennial, Cracovie; Beaux Arts Museum, Dijon; International Graphic Art Biennial, Florence; The Contemporary Print in the Bibliotique National, Paris; The French Engraving from 1860 to Now, Tokyo; International Art Fair, Basel, Dusseldorf, Cologne; and Washington D.C. Le Foll's illustrations have been published in magazines including: In France - Elle, Certificate of Merit, Art Director's Club of New York, Action Automobile, Adam, L'Expansion, L'Express, Jardin des Modes, Marie Claire, and Vogue; In Germany - Twen; In England - London Life, Nova, Queen, Sunday Times, Town, Vogue; and in USA - Cosmopolitan, Esquire. Book illustration and prizes include: "French Cooking", "Sinbad the Sailor", and Illustrator prize of Illustrators Club of New York. His work is in permanent collections including: Atlantic Richfield Corporation, Avon Corporation, Bank of America, Verizon, Exxon, Bell Atlantic, McGraw-Hill Publishers, RCA Inc. Xerox, Johnson and Johnson, Shell Oil, New York Times, and Canadian Pacific.

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