Daniel Lencioni, American (1945 - )

  Lencioni is a nationally recognized artist who specializes in mixed media art.  His works are accumulations of everyday materials elevated in greater importance by their juxtaposition.  Nothing is disguised or enhanced – they are meant to look exactly as they are.

Lencioni has created pieces of art that are influenced by natural variables.  Changes in the intensity of natural or artificial light create changes on the artist’s images.  No Lencioni painting looks the same every day because it has been set up to accept and work with these variables.

The artist conceived the juxtaposition of natural materials such as string, concrete, cardboard, glue and rag paper to each other in relation to their color, depth, horizontal and vertical planes, and textures.  It has an emotional appeal that comes from these natural, honest elements.

To Lencioni, each piece is an expression of a feeling.  All the basic ingredients become an art form when they come to life in the eyes of the viewer.  Each piece is flexible enough to express different emotions to individual viewers.  The concept is the same, but to Lencioni, the final product is magic.

Born in Evanston, Illinois in 1945, Daniel Lencioni attended Murray State University and Roosevelt University, graduating in 1972.  He received a Masters Degree in visual design from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, in 1977.

Lencioni is a versatile artist whose many talents extend into other areas as well.  He is a world class sailor, art teacher and set designer.

Corporate Collections and Exhibitions:
AT&T; IBM; G.D. Searle & Company; Homart Development Co.; Washington National Insurance; Martin Brower Co.; Headquarters Company; Touche-Ross, Inc.;
Conti Commodities; North Palm Beach Bank, Palm Beach, FL; Art Expo ’84 New York; Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, FL; Artist Guild of Chicago; Broward Bank, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Billy Hork Galleries, One-Man-Show, August 1984

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