Kaspar Thomas Lenk, German (1933 - 2014)

Kaspar Thomas Lenk

Kaspar Thomas ("Thomas") Lenk (Berlin, June 15, 1933 - Schwäbisch Hall, September 15, 2014) was a German sculptor, draftsman and printmaker.

Thomas Lenk visited in 1950 for a short time the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart, but changed his study for training as a stonemason. From 1952 he made his first sculptures (as he designed, among others, a KZ-Mahnmal, currently on display in the Auschwitz museum) and in 1954 he established himself as an independent artist. Around the year 1955 he changed from figurative in an abstract artist. Since 1964 he created his so-called Bolt Lake Tiken (stacked sculptures), which drew international attention. In 1968 he was invited to the 4.documenta in Kassel and in 1970 he occupied the sculptor Heinz Mack, Georg Karl Pfahler Günther Uecker and the German pavilion at the Venice Biennale. In 1995, Thomas Lenk guest of honor at Villa Massimo in Rome.

In 1978 Lenk held a guest professorship in Cairo and in 1989 he was appointed professor in Stuttgart. The artist lived and worked since 1974 at Schloss Tierberg Braunsbach in Schwäbisch Hall.

Public Collections

Layering (1968/69), Heinrich Vetter collection in Ilvesheim
Sculpture Space Conception (1971), Münster
Wandrelief (1976), Stuttgart
Layering 107 (Stuttgarter Tor) (1977), Stuttgart
Heilbronn Chapter (1977), Heilbronn

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