Arthur Liu, Chinese

Arthur Liu

Artist Arthur (Bihua) Liu was born in Guangzhou, China. He graduated from Guangzhou College of Fine Arts, and afterward, sought to broaden his horizons in the arts by moving to New York City. He received his MFA from the City College of CUNY, and in 1998, opened Queens Art Education Center, boasting 5 branch locations across the New York boroughs.

To date, however, nothing has surpassed his achievement in inventing an entirely original painting style, simply titled “Flowing Colors Oil Painting”. After extensive research and experimenting that took over 10 years, Mr. Liu mastered his technique of transforming oil pigment into a smooth, fluid solution and afterward, combining varieties of colors and splashing them on the canvas. This control and perfect manipulation of the medium produced artwork with palpable texture, rich color and unbridled vibrancy.

Through this technique of flowing colors, Mr. Liu has sought to express a new style that fuses the East and West. By using Chinese ink and brush stroke techniques, and preserving the Chinese rudiments of space and emptiness, he utilizes oil paint as the primary medium and applies the elements of artistic freedom and understanding of surface found in Contemporary Western Painting. This technique alone has garnered many international awards, both in China and America. The “Flowing Colors Oil Painting” technique and mediums have since been patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent No. US 7,572,126 B2), the only technique for which a U.S. patent of oil painting has been granted to a Chinese artist. In addition, Mr. Liu has invented his own drawing tools, also patented and awaiting mass production and distribution.

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