Verena Loewensberg, Swiss (1912 - 1986)

Verena Loewensberg

Verena Loewensberg (born 28 May 1912 in Zurich, † 27 April 1986 in Zurich) was a Swiss painter and Representative of the Zurich School of Konkreten.

Verena Loewensberg came as the oldest daughter of a six-member family physicians in Zurich for the world. After two years of art school in Basel (1927-1929) they did an apprenticeship as a textile weaver in memory AR. In 1931 she married the designer Hans Coray. There art abroad at the Academie Moderne in Paris, from the collaboration with Auguste Herbin, and the separation of her husband. During this time, began a lifelong friendship with the painter Max Bill and his wife Binia. In 1936, she painted the first concrete images and helped in 1937 at the founding of the Alliance, an association of modern artists in Zurich. In its center, the designers of concrete formed to their core Loewensberg with Max Bill, Camille Graeser and Richard Paul Lohse belonged. It participated in the successful group exhibitions. In addition, they were inspired by the work of Mondrian and Vantongerloo. The mother of two earning their livelihood with fabric designs and led for a time at a music store Rössligasse in Zurich. From the 1970s she was living from their art.

Loewensberg work falls through their enormous ingenuity, the denial of his own theory and formulated by the absence of any comment, which is also manifested in the non-existent image titles. I have no theory, I am instructed that I can think of something, Verena Loewensberg used to comment on her art. The later work groups are influenced by the Japanese and Far Eastern ascetic philosophy of life and are regarded as high points in her career.


1977 Galerie Karin Fesel, Wiesbaden
1992 Retrospective, Kunsthaus Aarau, Aargau
7.3.-25. April 1999 Museum of Modern Art, Berkshire, Germany
23rd November 2006 - 31 Infinite sequences in the House in March 2007 Constructive, electricity sub-Selnau, Selnaustr. 25, 8001 Zurich
22nd April to 12 June 2009 Verena Loewensberg - Prints, Prints and Drawings of ETH, ETH Main Building, Rämistr. 101, 8006 Zurich


Verena Loewensberg 1912-1986. Directory of printmaking. With a contribution by Bernadette Walter. Catalog of about a hundred, mostly color illustrations, edited by Kathrin Siebert, Paul Tanner and Henriette Coray. Released in 2009 for the exhibition.

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