Stjepko Mamic, Croatian

Stjepko Mamic

Capt. Stjepko Mamic, the artist, born in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. From early childhood the sea is endless playground and source of inspiration for whole life. Love for seafarer's adventures overcome his love for paintings and pushed him away from home towards blue ocean and far horizon.

As captain of the ship, he sailed all over the seven seas ,visiting and discovering many places all over the globe.Enjoying the beauty and escaping from danger, slowly, slowly, his journey ends and the ship is moored at safe haven. Now is the right time for the second trip, voyage to world of imaginations, colors and arts.The long suppressed passion for painting returns back at once with blast of bright colors ,and finally the memories of the past are now recreated like new paintings on the canvas. 

As member of HDLU-Dubrovnik (Croatian Association of Visual Artists - Dubrovnik) has many, solo and collective exhibitions, at home and abroad. As a painter, often changing themes of his paintings, but always recognizable visual expression of his characteristic, brilliant colors, works in oil, acrylic, or a combined technique carried out with a painting knives.

Participates in the work of art colony, where donates pictures for noble and humanitarian purposesHe has received many compliments of criticism for his work, but one of the finest wrote poet Miroslav Petrovic :“Poetics of these images is the most beautiful vista that hug the sea, coast, horizon, sunny beaches, boats, lighthouses, ships, waves, all the deep sea and its magical world of beauty and infinity.Because of that his pictures are curative like Mediterranean herbs, and intoxicating like as a Dalmatian's wine.”

Having both, group and individual exhibitions in his country and abroad, his artworks can be found in private collections all over the world.

Presently he is preparing a new cycle that will be shown at his next exhibition in London at the Royal Music Academy in early March 2014.

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