Cork Marcheschi, American (1945 - )

Cork Marcheschi

By high school it was clear that little Corky had absolutely no outstanding skills whatsoever. His eight grade teacher, Mr. Middelton, included this note on his report card “At least he's not a criminal”. The two areas of life that held some fascination for Cork were rhythm and blues music and modern art. Remembering Mr. Middleton's remark, it was decided that if he was interested in music and art, then that is what the family should support. With his family having no background in either of these fields, Cork was told that everything he did was great. In so doing, his confidence was developed to the point where it became his major tool. Now many years later the fruits of this immigrant family’s trust, hope and love, has given the world a unique vision in the art of Cork Marcheschi.

Cork Marcheschi is a San Francisco native who has been involved in the Fine Arts and Music scene for over 40 years. He has taught sculpture, critical studies and art history at the University of California at Berkley, the San Francisco Art Institute and the Minneapolis College of Art. He has had over 130 solo art exhibitions throughout the world. He has 50 public sculptures scattered about the American landscape. He has collected and studied Art Deco and Art American an d European Art pottery for 35 years.

Cork received his MFA from California College of Arts & Crafts in 1970. After college he t aught at Minneapolis College of Art from 1970-1983, the University of California at Berkele y 1987-1989, and at San Francisco Art Institute 1987-1992.

Cork Marcheschi's first public commission was for the City of Seattle, Washington in 1980. Since then he has installations throughout the US and also in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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