Maruschka Tenzer, Ukrainian/American (1937 - )

Maruschka Tenzer

Maruschka Tenzer was born in 1937 in the Ukraine. She and her family left Russia when she was seven years of age. After being held in Germany at an American Displaced Persons camp for five years, she and her family emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949.

IN her early years, she had the talent and opportunity to pursue her extensive artistic abilities. At age thirteen, she started work in a ceramics factory and was rapidly promoted to chief designer. At age 15 she was selected to the study the ballet, and eventually performed at one of the most celebrated concert halls in Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon.

In 1959, she moved from Argentina to New York City with her family, continued her dancing and married a New Yorker and raised a family of three children. In the mid-1970s she established a successful exercise studio in Manhattan.She achieved acclaim through magazines and television interviews.

Maruschka later shifted her interests to painting and returned to her earliest talent, the love of self expression. Maruschka commenced serious painting in the early 1980s and has achieved demand in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Miami.

Though a true citizen of the world. Maruschka paints in the classic style of American Realism. Her paintings provide a ruchness of spatial color relationships, leaving the viewer to become a part of the artist imagery. A fourth figure of American realism, Edward Hopper once stated, "I paint things as I see them." Maruschka just as simply stated, "I paint things as I remember them." We are all now enriched by her memories.

Maruschka came to Miami, Florida in 2004 and enjoys much succss with her paintings of flowers, snow and beach scenes.

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