Aleta Michaletos, South African (1952 - )

Aleta Michaletos was born on February 27,1952 in Pretoria, South Africa.

She has served on numerous committees and counsels and has received  The United Nations Art and   Philatelic Award for her symbolic portrait of Nelson Mandela, joining the ranks of Miro, Chagall and Dali.  She has exhibited extensively throughout South Africa as well as Egypt. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the world. Her preferred mediums are oil, watercolour , pen and ink, coloured pencil and photography.

Between 1971 and the present time, Aleta Michaletos served on National Social Upliftment and Cultural Art Executive Committees. She has been a Trustee of The Goodwill Foundation and has served as a Steering Committee member of the 'Friends of the Pretoria Art Museum', the 'South African Arts Association- N.Tvl' and the 'Regional Council for Cultural Affairs-N.Tvl'.

Aleta Michaletos has also established the get-together of informal groups to discuss and encourage art and culture. She has also assisted visiting foreign artists to South Africa in their arrangements to exhibit their work, meet the art community and discover the beauties of South Africa.

Aleta Michaletos has also been the subject of numerous articles in newspapers and magazines, and television and radio interviews, covering her art, her philosophy, her home and garden, her private art gallery as well as her separate singing career.

Aleta Michaletos has also been speaker to art and church groups, women's clubs and self-improvement organizations. On invitation she has been a guest lecturer at:

Fine Arts Department of the University of Pretoria, the Open Window Art Academy, Pretoria, Dordt College, Iowa, U.S.A. as well as the Ransom Everglades School in Miami, U.S.A.

Aleta Michaletos is an adventurous traveller and her recent paintings reflect her current fascination with the desert.

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