David Milne, Scottish (1946 - )

David Milne

David Milne, born in Scotland in 1946 has presented over 21 major solo exhibitions and over 18 group exhibitions, including a 2 man show with John Perceval, an Australia-wide touring exhibition with Museum Victoria (1993-1996), and the Australian Embassy, Tokyo. The ABC Sunday Arts program presented a feature segment on Milne, in June 2006. 

David Milne paints a powerful universal commentary of the current global human condition.  Milne utilises the early symbology of 17th century alchemy, as methods of understanding our contemporary planet.  With this entirely unique abstract symbolism, Milne has devised a new language by which to communicate through his art. 

David Milne is the ‘Contemporary Alchemist’.  As early alchemists experimented with metals and compounds in an attempt to define the world around them, Milne’s alchemic symbology represents and allows us to contemplate the consequences current technological advances in scientific endeavour may bring.  Bio-engineering, the human genome project, genetic modification of foods, the sustainability of our natural resources and primary industries, the global conglomerations of financial powerhouses; our planet is unquestionably racing toward an alchemy of rapid change.  David Milne’s art presents this very awareness to each viewer.

Hundreds of hours are poured into each of his paintings, from their conceptual research and preparation, to the painstaking execution of detail, technique and skill.  The layers of acrylic paint, glazes, fine architectural pen-work, and the countless processes of sanding, working, and re-working of his canvases, form exquisitely rich paintings like hand-crafted fabrics. David Milne’s paintings are as aesthetically bold with textures, depth and colour, as they are conceptually complex.
David Milne’s paintings speak definitively of today, and present the questions of tomorrow.   In all that, his paintings carry with them the theme of the ancient alchemists.


Selected Group Exhibitions Studies
2006 Artistry Galleries, Malvern, Victoria 1966 National Art College, Sydney Tech. 
2005 Artistry Galleries, Malvern, Victoria 1970 Art Restorer to London Galleries
2005 Annex A, Armadale, Victoria 1971 Relocates to Melbourne and continues to do restorations
2004 Artistry Galleries, Malvern, Victoria Selected Solo Exhibitions
1993 - 1996 ‘My Heart is Breaking’, Museum of Victoria, Touring Exhibition, AUSTRALIA-WIDE 2007 Artistry Galleries, "Modern Alchemy", Malvern, Victoria  
1991 Australian Trade Gallery, Wanchai, CHINA 2006 Artistry Galleries, “Harmonies of Heaven & Earth”, Malvern, Victoria
1990 John Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne 2003 Temple Gallery, Sorrento, Victoria
1990 Gallery Mei, Tokyo, JAPAN 2001 Smyrnios Gallery, Prahran, Victoria
1990 Australian Embassy, Tokyo, JAPAN 2000 Smyrnios Gallery, Prahran, Victoria
1989 Qdos Galleries, Lorne, Victoria 1999 Smyrnios Gallery, Prahran, Victoria
1986 Alexandra Galleries, Perth 1999 Shanghai, CHINA
1984 Spoletto Art Festival, ITALY 1998 Shanghai, CHINA
1978 Avant Galleries, Melbourne 1997 Smyrnios Gallery, Prahran, Victoria
1977 David Milne & John Perceval, Avant Galleries, Melbourne 1996 Spoletto, ITALY
1976 Avant Galleries, Melbourne 1995 Spoletto, ITALY
Recent Comissions 1990 Qdos Galleries, Lorne, Victoria
2003 Permanent Sculpture Installation, Gray Puksand Architects, 34 Queen St,  Melbourne 1988 John Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne
2002 Permanent Sculpture Installation, Gray Puksand Architects, 441 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 1987 John Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne
Publications & Media 1986 John Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne
1991 Thorpe, D.W. 'The Who’s Who of Australian Visual Artists', Asian Art News, Vol 1 Number 2 1985 John Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne
1997 Lambert, Catherine, 'Symbols on Canvas',  Herald Sun, 9 November 1984 John Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne
1998 Makin, Jeff, 'Review', Herald Sun, 26 April 1979 Avant Galleries, Melbourne
2006 Brown, Jenny, 'The Spatter Factor', The Age, Domain, May 20 1975 Avant Galleries, Melbourne



ABC Television, Sunday Arts Program, 'My Art', 18th June

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1974 Andrew Ivanyl Galleries, Melbourne
Collections Italy, China, Japan,
Private & Corporate collections Australia-wide
The J & M Foundation, Melbourne
1973 Andrew Ivanyl Galleries, Melbourne
1972 Andrew Ivanyl Galleries, Melbourne
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