Zwy Milshtein, Romanian/French (1934 - )

Zwy Milshtein
Zwy Milshtein was born in Moldova Chisinau city in 1934. Still Romania, the city came under Soviet control in 1945.
Zwy Milshtein joined Israel after a long journey through Russia in 1948. He entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Tel Aviv. The painting is strongly influenced by the Russian school, love of the profession, respect for the figure.
In 1957, the artist is in Paris where he immediately takes to the manifestations of the Paris School of which he is the youngest member and Georges Rouault older. His painting is tumultuous, populated by characters such as "The Ten Commandments" which he created for Katia Granoff.

From 1962, faithful to the medium of painting, works of Zwy Milshtein become composites. It uses various pieces of wood, objects, paper. They become like plants: in the "Meals wild beasts," a clown hangs hooked to a table contained a Virgin.
Before the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the National Library dedicated a retrospective prints, ZwyMilshtein realized in 1978une suite of 10 lithographs at the Pompidou Center for Kafka exhibition. These oeuvrestémoignent his dexterity and his love for the technical prowess.
For his exhibition at the Museums of Troyes and Montbeliard, Odense and Goteborg, ZwyMilshtein realizes in 1986 a series of very large gouaches on paper (4.6 and même8 meters by 2 meters) .The topics are light and bear witness to a ressouvenue privacy, with elements as incongruous as leeks and fried eggs flying.
In 1987, the masterpiece entitled Quo Vadis ZwyMilshtein the occupependant more than a year. Conceived as an asymmetric altarpiece, it includes more than one hundred characters populating a bed, straddling an unlikely animal, and in his heart, as a saint, floats the image of this little Jew stopped during the war whose look became a symbol.
Episodically (especially in 2000), carving through the work of ZwyMilshtein. It reflects the spirit Panic, group he joined invited by Topor. The man with the umbrella, borrowed from a Swiss collection is a fountain. A man sitting on a chair feet in a basin is protected from the sun with an umbrella where falling water drops.

In 1986, ZwyMilshtein is interested in computer graphics by making drawings without a mouse or graphics tablet, just by calculation. With the help of Epson, he developed a technique digigraphie in 2002 that allows it to produce color prints of surprising quality.

In 2006, several major exhibitions devoted to it, including the Area Reserve where we discover its secrets boxes.
"Fairies and Small Wonders" is a major exhibition presented in 2007 at the Orangerie of the Senate in Paris, bringing together fifty works carried out in 2006 by the largest artiste.Parmi include oil paintings and acrylic on canvas measuring 6 mx 8 m.

"Fairies and Small Wonders" is a major exhibition presented in 2007 at the Orangerie of the Senate in Paris, bringing together fifty works carried out in 2006 by the largest artiste.Parmi include oil paintings and acrylic on canvas measuring 6 mx 8 m.

In July 1994, Frédéric Altman wrote:
"Zw iMilshtein carries in his painting his wandering and beliefs. A man of conviction, he travels in the world of art at their own pace, out strategies and fluctuating modes. His pictorial style is personal because it springs from his life. It is also a jubilant poetry that takes off the source of the world in the caves of Altamira and Lascaux, when the first men were registered for the first time signs and graffiti on the walls shelter caves. Milshtein is not a painter and decorator, he painted because for him, it is a vital and urgent need: an act of love. His painting accompanies his life, it is also a means of communication, knowledge and memory with the trace of the exodus! The work of Milshtein, it is the cry of silence, a work which shows that strengthens the eyes of both log and diary: "In his painting, there are as many truths of artists." "I consider my painting as an expressionist painting with the influence of painters like Bosch, Brueghel, Goya and Soutine." Illustrious elders who have left a timeless and indelible mark on the history of painting. "

Private and public collections:

Bezalel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris. Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France.
Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Museum of Modern Art, Eilat, Israel.
Museum Gothenburg, Sweden.
Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris, France.
Royal Library, Brussels, Belgium.
Tel Aviv Museum, Israel.
National Centre for Arts, Paris, France.
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA.
Museum of Art and History, Geneva, Switzerland.

Individual Exhibitions:

2007 Orangery of the Senate in Paris, France.
"Gardens and secret boxes", AREA, Paris, France.
2006 Prints Milshtein, Montlucon, France - Retrospective "Transgressions" Renoma II, Meyer-Lebilan Gallery, Paris, France.. Oeilecoute the gallery, Lyon, France. "Vodka and Tears", Gallery of Contemporary Art, Chamalières, France "Dadaism to negative," Mayor of the 3rd arrondissement, Paris, France.
2005 Festival of Bayeux, Normandy, France. European Commission, Brussels, Belgium "Niet-Niet" negative Dadaism, Poile-Bouane, Caen, France
2004 "travel around a chessboard," Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France
Gallery 2001 M. Bogense, DanemarkState Gallery of Art, Sopot, PologneGalerie Hoffstetter, Vienna, Austria
2000 Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine
BourletGallery 1999, London, UK
1998 Goethe Institut, Frankfurt, Germany
1997 Art Center of Space Rashi in Paris France.Galerie the Filles du Calvaire, Paris, France.Area, Paris, France
1996 Krolokarnia Museum, Warsaw, PologneMaison of Culture, Bourges, France
1995 Museum of Modern Art, Troyes, France. Benedictine Palace, Fecamp, France. Area Gallery, Paris, France
1994 Museum Vesoul, France. Galerie Nicole Buck, Strasbourg, France. Chapel of the Town Hall, Vesoul, France. Area Gallery, Paris, France.Cloître Dominicans, StEmilion, France
1993 Press House, Moscow, Russia. Renaud Richebourg Gallery, Paris, France. Statistics Area Gallery, Paris, France.
1992 Gallery Chifflet, Nice, FranceC.IES, Paris, France.Galerie Zur Kronr, Räterkinden, Switzerland.
1991 Gallery Hermes, Lyon, FranceMusée Allard, Montbrisson, FranceGalerie Slotine-Perkowsky, Le Havre, France. Galerie Jean Briance, Paris, France. Medici Gallery, Besançon, France
1990 Expression Gallery, Paris, France.Galerie Katia Granoff, Paris, France.Galerie Chifflet, Nice, France
1988 Sundvalls Museum, SuèdeGalerie Kara, Madrid, Spain
1987 French Institute, Malmö, SuèdeMaison of Culture, Annecy, France. Art Fair, Mustad Gallery, Stockholm, SuèdeGalerie Klopfer, Zurich, Switzerland
1986 GalleriMustad, Gothenburg, Suède.BrandtsKlaedefabrik, Odense, Danemark.Galerie 44, New York, USA.Galerie Kara, Geneva, Switzerland.
1985 Galerie Pierre Lescot, Paris, France.Galerie Caroline Corre, Paris, France.Grand Palais, Paris, France.
1984 Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France.CENTRE Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.
1983 House of Arts, Créteil, France.
1978 National Library, Paris, France.Artcurial, Paris, France.
1975 Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland. Tel Aviv Museum, Israel.
1973 White Gallery, Lausanne, Suisse.Galleria San Sebastianello, Rome, Italy.
1970 Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, France.
1968 London Graphic Art Gallery, London, England.
1967 Museum of Tel Aviv, Tokyo Israël.Biennale, Japan. GalerieKieffer, Paris, France
1966 The New Masters Gallery, New York, USA.Brenato's Museum Shop, Washington, USA.The New Masters Gallery, New York, USA.
1963 Galerie Katia Granoff, Paris, France. Museum of Art and History, Geneva, Switzerland.
1962 Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem, IsraëlBodley Gallery, New York, USA.Chemerinsky Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1960 Galerie Katia Granoff, Paris, France Galerie Katia Granoff, Paris, France.
1959 Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel. Katia Granoff Gallery, Paris, France.
1957 Saint-Placide gallery in Paris, France.
1955 Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel

Main Group Exhibitions:

2006 "Chair Rail," Garcia-Laporte Gallery, Paris 8th, paintings France.Exposition to Rashi center, Paris, France.
FIAC 2005, Paris, France.
2002 "Objects Erotica" Original Gallery, Nice, France.
2001 "Love, Eroticism" Original Gallery, Nice, France.
1999 Freihausgasse Gallery, Villach, Austria.
1991 Barbican Art Gallery, London, England.
1990 Grand Palais, Paris, France.
1989 Saga, Felman Gallery, Paris, France.
1973 Basel Fair
1972 Basel Fair
1970 National Fine Arts in Lausanne, Suisse.Musée of Modern Art of the City of Paris, Paris, France.
1966 Exhibition of Young Painting, Paris, France.
1965 Biennale de Paris, France. Salon d'Automne.
1964 Salon des Independants
1962 New York, USA.
1961 Exhibition of Young Painting, Paris, France.Exposition Russian Painters of the School of Paris
1960 Great Exhibition and Youth Aujourd'hui.Salon of the Young Painting, Paris, France.
1959 Exhibition of Young Painting, Paris, France. Large living room and Youth of Today.

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