Jose Mina, Colombian (1938 - )

Jose Mina

Born: Jamundi, Valle, 1938


Institute of Popular Culture, Cali.


1964 - MAM La Tertulia, Cali.

Centro Colombo-Americano, Cali. Conservatory Morales Pino, Cartago, Valle. Home

Cultural Calarcá, Quindío. Universidad del Valle, Cali.

The White Gryphon Gallery, Bogota. Friends of Art, Pereira.

1969 - MAM La Tertulia, Cali.

Gallery Alley, Medellin.

Livestock Bank, Cartagena.

Centro Colombo-Americano, Cali.

1980 - Gallery El Charco, Cali.

1981 - Executive Club Gallery, Cali. The Alley Gallery, Bogota.

Executive Club Gallery, Cali.

1985 - Gallery of Modern Art, Cali.

1986 - 450 Years Jamundi, Cali.

1987 - Contemporary Art Gallery, Quito, Ecuador.

1990 - Modern Art Gallery, Cali.

1993 - Art Gallery Highway, Cali.


Art Festivals, Cali.

MAM La Tertulia, Cali.

Museo La Tertulia Quindio, Armenia.

Universidad del Valle, Cali.

The Manzarda Gallery, Bogota.

Pan American Graphic Arts, Cali.

Museum of Modern Art, Bogota.

Meindí Gallery, Bogota.

The Alley Gallery, Bogota.

Hall of the Americas, Bogotá.

IX Festival of Art, Cali.

XXI National Salon, Cali.

White Spot, Cali.

XXIII National Hall, Cali.

Chamber of Commerce, Cali.

Contemporary Art Center, Cali.

New Names in Art, Bogota.

MAC, Minuto de Dios, Bogotá.

I, II, III Biennial of Graphic Art, Cali.

Executive Club Gallery, Cali.

Mill Santo Domingo, Mexico.

Gallery Alta Mira, Mexico.

Gallery El Morro, Puerto Rico.

Gallery El Charco, Cali.

Highway Art Gallery, Medellin.

Livestock Bank Gallery, Cartagena.

Ainsnorth Gallery, Boston, USA.

Wolfson Art Gallery, USA.

Kepeliobich Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

International Student Center at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.

Gallery San Diego, Bogota.

Meindi Gallery, Bogota.

Interior Guatemalan Meeting, Cali.

The Alley Gallery, Bogota.

Centro Colombo-Americano, Cali.

1986 - Centro Colombo-Americano, Bucaramanga.

1986 - Pen Gallery, Cali.

1987 - Teatro Amira de la Rosa, Barranquilla.

1987 - Colombian Society of Architects 450 years, Cali.

Executive Club Gallery, 450 years of Cali, Cali.

Hall 87, Western Painting, Cali.

Museum of Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

1988 - Museum of Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

Gallery El Charco, Cali

Centro Colombo-Americano 40 years the CPI, Cali.

1989 - Skandia Gallery, Bogota.

Centro Colombo-Americano, Armenia. 100 Years of the Foundation of Armenia. Room

Carton de Colombia, Cali.

1990-60-Year Club San Fernando, Cali. Images Art Gallery, Panama. The Gallery

Charco, Cali.

1991 - IX Bienal de San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1993 - X Biennial of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico.


First Prize, Salon IV National Art Festival in Cali.

Three Second Prize Contests Regional National Croydon.

Third Prize, Hall 80, Centro Colombo Americano, Cali.

1987 - Selected, 87 Painters Hall of western Colombia, Centro Colombo-

Americano, Cali.

1988 - Grand Recognition, 40 Years IPC, Cali.


Cali 450 Years of History.

Colombian art scene.

Year of the Child.

1989 - / 95 Form and Color Colombia, Bogota

1991 - Magazine Wall.

Taken from the Book: Form and Color Colombia 1995
Editor Eduardo Peña Bastidas

The artist believes that has always liked the painting. Never had to think what to do in life, it would be a painter and that has been and expects to remain so for the rest of his life, and if there are other lives, humbly ask the Almighty to let him continue to be a painter, therefore one lifetime is not enough for this purpose. The painter thanked God and their teachers in the sixties it corresponded to the lot, between those who wish to name Adriano Moreno, Luis Aragon Varela, Leandro Velasco, Lucy Tejada, Hernando Tejada, Brainos Armando, Pablo Galvez, Daniel Romero, Yesid Mountain, Susana Lopez and many more for which you have the deepest appreciation for helping him crystallize his dreams of becoming a painter who lives to paint and also lives what he paints. This also thank the Institute of Popular Culture and its directors, then, that as a government institution is the most beautiful thoughts come true for its founders, as before, now and in future will continue to forge people able to express themselves artistically in favor of a society who need it very urgently. As for his painting, he thinks that it has developed in an evolutionary manner with influences inevitable at first and then casual. However, this has not been an impediment to progress and to define their own work to achieve criterion impose his artistic expression. All this learning tinged with teaching early, giving himself what others gave him and his students also learn in the same institution that shaped him and others who required their services. Today is still working on the painting, facing the responsibility with those who gained since its inception have acquired one of his works. Continues to evolve, improve thinking intellectually and conceptually. This is reflected in his work, for your sake, that of his and the community in which they live.

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