Xue Ming, Chinese

Xue Ming

Ming Xue was born in Shanghai, China. After receiving a scholarship and fellowship from the university, he came to the United States and successfully completed the graduate school degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science years ago.

Ming's interest in the arts began at the early age of five. He learned from his father, an excellent Chinese artist named Xue, Jia Hao, even though Ming never attended art school, his life was centered around art from youth, and that has led him on an exciting and successful path towards becoming a talent painter.

Ming has been featured in various art exhibitions in Shanghai and Beijing since the 1960's.

He held his first one-man show at the Anderson Art Center in 1988, one of the Masters Galleries in upstate New York. The exhibit was a smashing success. Ming attended many art show and exhibitions in United States nationwide. His art works were collected by many galleries and art collectors in both China and the U.S.
You can feel true emotion and dedication from his paintings, and his focus on beauty and details will delight everyone! We cannot use mere words to describe Ming's talent and eye for beauty.

We trust that if you ever have the pleasure of coming across his paintings, you will agree that his work speaks for itself. Ming is truly one of the best!

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