Rudolf Mirer, Swiss (1937 - )

Rudolf Mirer was born in 1937 at the Kantonsspital Chur to the world. He spent his childhood in many different domiciles, such as in Zizers or Vals (1944), for the teaching profession of the Father Thomas Mirer automatically been accompanied by frequent change of residence. "This change of domicile are, and have been nice for yourself - the father never really retired in evil, on the contrary, many friendships were maintained even at the new location", the painter recalls today.

Despite many beautiful years Rudolf Mirer also made early with the dark side of life acquaintance. So rolled over on January 20, 1951 a huge avalanche whole village parts of Vals, and 19 residents - including schoolmates of Rudolf - lost their lives. After completion of compulsory education is the always the creative youth drawn-opted for a training at the Textile College St. Gallen. He completed this training with 21 years as a PhD from textile designers to later (after completion of the RS) templates for "Stoffel-cloths» world-renowned design studios in the textile company Stoffel. Finally, the anonymity of this creation - it was ultimately inconsequential, who had designed what - let Rudolf Mirer but for other challenges on the lookout.

Rich in impressions and full of energy returned Rudolf Mirer 1964 in Switzerland, back - to Zernez in the Lower Engadine. The returnees settled there, where his family had meanwhile gained a foothold for some time, down and set to work, at least to conquer as an artist if not the world, at least his home canton and Switzerland. The first years of his artistic activity have been for the painter to a real struggle for survival, but he was at no stage dissuaded from his self-chosen path. His perseverance, coupled with an ever-evolving expression, finally led to a breakthrough and a financial independence that allowed him to leave the artistic intentions and their undisturbed moving running. The creative work of Rudolf Mirers came in ever-widening circles of admiration: his exhibitions, his posters and particularly its international work about the work created on behalf of the United Nations on the topic "Refugees", made him a widely known artistic ambassador of Switzerland grow , In all the years Rudolf Mirer his nature-loving and withdrawn life remained faithful and relied on a constant: his home, the Grisons. Also after 1995, the date of Wegzuges from Zernez.

Since 1995 Rudolf Mirer lives in Obersaxen. In the hamlet Tusa is his studio and house. This year, he was named "Artist of the Year" (by the Swiss sports journalists). A year later, he created the jubilee series of stamps for the United Nations New York, Vienna and Geneva. Was accompanied this brand series with the book "Hope and quest for peace, hope for peace", which was a global recognition. For 500th anniversary of the Swiss Guard designed Rudolf Mirer in 2006 the anniversary mark for the Vatican and the Swiss Post. It has also been produced for the occasion by the Confederation a gold coin after its submission in limited edition.

Rudolf Mirer is one of the few Swiss artists who came to honor for world organizations such as the UN and the Church.

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