Luis Moret, Spanish/Mexican (1929 - 2009)

Luis Moret Arbex, painter and friend, died Thursday at age 80 in his old farmhouse of La Riera de Gaia, near Altafulla (Tarragona). There he met a couple of years where he began to forge a friendship that has not had time to develop.

Madrid's birth, one day he enrolled in a merchant and no longer went ashore to get to Mexico, where he won the heart of Masdefiol Montse, the first and only Catalan-Aztec world. The Spanish navy burned their ships and decided to stay. Young and wild, then perhaps they already knew they were going to be inseparable. Adventures, spent deprivation, became friends, fought and made love. They lived life.

Luis became a painter in Tijuana, where he discovered American abstract expressionism and large formats. Direct and spontaneous, always claimed, however, the rational nature of their work. He exhibited in New York and in 1968 decided to return to Spain. In the seventies Tarragona in Aleixar, the delicate boundaries between art and life still lacked the finality of today's dry. Moret there participated in the founding of Group 7, with artists like Lindin Gonzalo, Ramon Ferran, Fort Pascual, Mariano Rubio, Alfonso Parra and Jordi Secall, almost all committed and connected to PSUC.

After another restless Mexican parentheses eight years, in 1994 Louis and Montse will install permanently in Catalonia. His latest exhibition, Hexagon, took place in the Old City of Tarragona, in January 2007.

Nearly all his friends - "out of his painting, the real treasure of Louis was his deep sense of friendship," Francesc de Carreras pointed in the words, "I said goodbye funeral yesterday in front of the Mediterranean, in a blue evening, sunny and sad . Here rests in peace.

At the end of the day, Luis is a traveler. But, as pointed postmodern philosophers and intuits the painter if the painting is moved, it is only towards its demise. Staging his disappearance is all that allows you to stay alive. Moret in this catalog shows symmetrical movement disappearance, the appearance of the paint. But as we said at pincipio shows us something that no longer exists. Its purpose, full of insight, is to delete everything, delete with more paint.

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