Kathleen Maguire Morolda


Color is the key to her paintings. Inspired by the natural beauty of any environment, Kathleen draws most of her creative energies from the natural beauties within her home state of New Jersey. Kathleen awakens the imagination of the observer through the creative manner in which she blends the shape and color.

Kathleen was born in West Orange and grew up in Menlo Park Terrace, a subsection of Woodbridge Township, NJ. She spent four years in the Washington D.C. area where she furthered her art studies and learned the custom framing business. In 1977, Kathleen returned to New Jersey, and settled in Monroe Township. Four years later, she opened the Cranbury Station Gallery and Picture Frame Shop located within a renovated blacksmith shop behind her residence. The location of the gallery allowed Kathleen to pursue her painting career, while attending to her husband and four children. As Kathleen's business, children and the demand for her artwork grew, she sought to create other markets for her art. In 1992, she opened her second gallery and picture frame shop, the Cranbury Station Gallery, on Palmer Square in Princeton. In 1999, a third location was opened in South Brunswick, NJ. Although family, the management of three galleries, community service, and painting classes all compete for Kathleen's time, she has learned that a visit to New Jersey's natural surroundings allows her to relax, provides her with a sense of serenity, and releases the creative energies, which she translates into artwork.

Kathleen's paintings are a reflection of her own experiences with the state's abundance of flowers and natural beauty. Her love for the variety of landscape in New Jersey, as well as its brilliant color changes throughout the year, has been the inspiration of most of her work. Kathleen also works as a commissioned artist.

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