George Ford Morris, American (1873 - 1960)

George Ford Morris

George Ford Morris was the foremost American equestrian artist of his time. He documented the fast changing world of the horse in American history in the early to mid 20 th century. He was equally talented as a painter, sculptor, illustrator and lithographer. He was mainly self-taught but attended classes at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1888 and later at the Academie Julien in Paris (1925). In the early twentieth century, Morris worked mainly from his Thirty-Third Street studio in New York City.

Concentrating almost solely upon the art of the horse, George Ford Morris was a frequent contributing artist to such publications as ' The American Horseman ', ' Breeder's Gazette ', ' American Field ', ' National Horseman' and ' Thoroughbred of California '. He also illustrated for national publications such as ' Scribner's ' and ' Century' magazines' .

Horse Study was commissioned by the Associated American Artists of New York in 1945. The Associated American Artists was created in the mid 1930's and commissioned original graphic art from such great American masters as Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Reginald Marsh and many others. Besides Horse Study , Morris published at least two other original lithographs with the A.A.A. during the 1940's decade. All A.A.A. works of art were published in editions ranging from 125 to 250 signed impressions.

In 1952 Morris published "Portraitures of Horses" considered The Horse Book of the Century. An amazing collection of his portraitures and sketches spanning over 40 years of his work. Needless to say these books have become high collectibles in the horse world. The pages are full of images of top Saddlebreds, Arabians, Show Hacks, pet dogs and more, creating an chronicle album of "Town & Country" Americana.

For many he is most remembered for his portraiture of the American Saddlebred. His documentation of the rise of this breed with its foundation stock is quit remarkable. George Ford Morris's work remains the most sought after still in the 21st century.

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