Philip Edward Mullen, American (1942 - )

Mullen is currently Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of South Carolina. His work has been in many prestigious exhibitions including the Biennial of Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum, NY, the Simon Guggenheim Museum, NY, Biennial of Painting and Sculpture, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, National Drawing Exhibition, San Francisco Museum of Art, 21st National Print Exhibition, The Brooklyn Museum, NY, a 35 Year Retrospective, McKissick Museum, Columbia, SC (1995), and a Permanent Solo Exhibition, Koger Center for the Arts, Columbia, SC. Mullen is represented by David Findlay Galleries, NY, where he has had numerous solo exhibitions. 

The skill and boldness of Mullen’s handling of color and light is everywhere in evidence. Those familiar with his work will note his signature use of shutters, which afford him so many surfaces with which to explore and juxtapose different tonal qualities of light. Here Mr. Mullen is engaged in the artistic endeavor at its purest and most primal: the lavishing of color on canvas. At the same time, the shutters are suggestive of something unseen and unknown going on beyond them and the very human desire to modulate and exert a measure of control over the on-rush of outer experience. In a way, they serve as a perfect metaphor for the activity of the artist.

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