Joseph Muslin, French (1911 - 2003)

Joseph Muslin

Joseph - A. Muslin could have said, "I am what I am doing; what I do is in my image. "Indeed, magnanimity and integrity that characterize, goodness and serenity that read on his face, are in his work a quiet aesthetic, which major elements are the harmony of soft colors, an almost immaterial generous light, a human balance, elegant.

Joseph A. Muslin was born in Mulhouse in 1911. His gift for drawing and watercolor is revealed to him early. Teenager, he performs portraits without defects. At fourteen, he was noticed by Robert-Gilles Plantey, curator of the Museum of Fine Arts of Mulhouse which he attended. It leaves its mark and encouraged him to "go up" to Paris where he attended the Académie Julian. Muslin was then eighteen. He works for the news agencies fond of fashion designs, in portraying the elegant sophisticated toilets, present in the stands of Auteuil and Longchamp racecourses. The field of haute couture where aesthetics is of elegance and charm will carry an influence that will not fail.

After the torments of war and his return from the Crimea in 1946, he returns to work and gets the Master Patent designer in 1947 he moved to Mulhouse in the workshop J.- J. Henner while working at Wallach then at Texunion as head of the design studio. In 1949, he was promoted Meilleur Ouvrier de France as a designer of silk and tapestry, as that will make her proud.

"It was only in 1950 that I turned to easel painting. In 1952, we created the "Art Fair" in Mulhouse, a program with Schachenmann Arthur, Robert Breitwieser, Daniel Schoen, Leo Lehmann, Charles Folk. It was in those years that I have evolved, more and more fascinated by the search for light. This again is that Leo Lang introduced me to color lithography and I acquired my press today transmitted to the son of Bernard Gantner. "

Consequently, its success is assured. Graphic to the print shop service his meticulousness and his strict adherence to characterize the pattern. But, colorist at heart, he is inevitably seduced by Impressionism. More decisive still was the discovery of the work of Nicolas de Staël. Although landscapes Muslin show the fascination he felt for the style of the "prince struck!" Very linked to regional artistic life, he joined several associations such as the Association of Independent Artists of Alsace (AIDA), or the Society of Painters Engravers "Le Trait"

His travels in Provence, Greece, his numerous stays in Venice, show him the Mediterranean light. It tames so well, integrates it so cleverly, so that it becomes lovingly, transcending the subject of his paintings, the mark of his triumphant originality.

It is divided now between Midi and Alsace where his true friendship painters (Yves Brayer) musicians (Henri-Alexandre Meyer), poets are her precious Viaticum. Including that of Nathan Katz, his alter ego in poetry. Read a poem by Nathan Katz and is a Muslin landscape that unfolds before you. They are, in the subtle interplay of "correspondences", too, the soul of Sundgau!

Its marine, its snowy landscapes, still lifes, flowers in bouquets, brought him international fame. In 1963, he won the Marianne Gilbert price of the hidden signature. Admission to the gallery André Weil, opens those of Cannes, Paris, Geneva, New York ... where he exhibits permanently. Sociétaires II participates in the Salons of the "palette" of Mulhouse and those of "Contemporary Art" of which he was vice president. His works are present primarily in museums of Alsace but also in private collections scattered around the world. In the area of ​​lithography, he illustrated a luxury book "Love of Alsace" published by Plaisir du Livre in Paris.

JA Muslin is not demanded of any school. Free, moreover, of all metaphysical speculation, he only guide his spontaneity. In his Sundgau half winters as in its Mediterranean summers, he goes to the essential. The theme is less important than the search for the harmony of forms and values. The result, especially in his landscapes of Provence and its marine, brightness and richness of radiation that was the admiration of all the art critics.

It is appropriate to highlight this great artist who laid his candid look at the beauty of things, knows so well make us dream.


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