Frances Myers, American (1936 - )

Frances Myers

Born: Racine Wisconsin
Currently Living: Hollandale, Wisconsin

1959 BA at University of Wisconsin Madison; 1960 MA from University of Wisconsin at Madison; 1965 MFA University of Wisconsin Madison

Exhibits (solo and two person)

1989 Dittman Gallery Northwestern University; 1989 Natasha Nicholson Works of Art; 1988 Perimeter Gallery in Chicago; 1988 Perimeter Gallery in Chicago; 1988 Charlotte Art Gallery at University of North Carolina; 1983 Athens Art Gallery; 1982 Carnegie Institute at the University of Pittsburgh

Exhibits (group)

1989 The Aesthetic Excursion at Wustum Museum of Fine Arts; 1987 Miami International at Metropolitan Museum; 1987 Print Club Selects at Philadlephia Print Club; 1986 Public and Private at Brooklyn Museum; 1983 Architecture in Contemporary Prints at Pratt Graphics; 1983 Architecture in Contemporary Print; 1983 Seoul International Print Exchange;

Awards : 1989 Purchase Award at Bradley University; 1988 Stuart M. Egnal Award Philadelphia Print Club; 1986 Print club Selects Prize at Philadlephia Print Club;

Holdings ; Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; British Print council; Brooklyn Museum of Fine Arts; Metropolitan Musuem; Musee Des Arts Decoritif in Paris; National Museum of American Art; Victoria and Albert Museum

    "My work in the past few years has dealt with portraying the heroic aspect of woman-heroic both in scale and deed. For this I have often used the image of Wonder Woman as I remember her from childhood comics, with her headband crown and arm raised in rescue. When the suggestion came to express my artistic concerns using the statue of liberty as focus, I was struck with how that powerful figure paralleled the spirit of my previous work. In this print I tried to communicate the sense of strength and courage I always Feel I see Ms. liberty and create the mood of celebration which the country feels about her renewal."

- Frances Myers

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