Peter Nagy, American (1959 - )

Peter Nagy

Peter Nagy (born: Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1959) worked as an artist and exhibited his work throughout the United States and Europe during the 1980s. He also was a gallery owner of Gallery Nature Morte in New York City at the same time. He now represents Indian contemporary artists.

With artist Alan Belcher opened Gallery Nature Morte in East Village, Manhattan, New York City in 1982. Peter Nagy was a part of a generation of the East Village artist-gallery owners who established a small and rough but trendy avant-garde alternative to the established SoHo art scene. The gallery was open for six years, until 1988. They combined Conceptualism and Pop Art exploring the relationship between the art and the commodity.

In 1992, Nagy moved to New Delhi where he revived Gallery Nature Morte in 1997. Nagy has been referred to as the "poster boy of Indian contemporary art." The Indian artist Subodh Gupta has said of Nagy: "he has fresh eyes and has provided a platform for contemporary artists."

In 1982, during the heyday of the New York East Village scene, artist Peter Nagy founded Nature Morte Gallery with Alan Belcher. Along with Pat Hearn Gallery, International with Monument, Jay Gorney Modern Art, and American Fine Arts, Nature Morte spearheaded a movement in practice identified with Postmodernism and Postconceptual strategies; this influence is still being felt today. Nagy and Belcher ran the gallery in the East Village for six years, until 1988.


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