Sigrid Nienstadt, German (1962 - )

Born in Krebeck

1981 - 1987 Study to the HBK Braunschweig with Ben Willikens
1987 Master pupil with Ben Willikens
1990 Guest studio in the mansion Romana, Florenz
1997 Preisträgerin “art in the house”, Magdeburg
Project Camp Cooley Ranch, Texas

1999 Preisträgerin “Darmstädter secession”
2000 Guest studio in the mansion Romana, Florenz
2003 Stipendiatin of the international house of artists mansion Concordia in Bamberg

Single exhibitions (selection)

1986 1986 gallery
1988 “The rigid view”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
1990 Gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
1992 “Colour fields and meadows”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
1993 Gallery David, Bielefeld
1995 Gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
1998 Lannon Inc., Miami (the USA)
1999 Gallery Thieme, Darmstadt
“Animals and landscapes”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
“Landscapes”, Aérosalon Le Bourget, Paris (Daimler Chrysler Aerospace)
2000 “Limonia”, mansion Romana, Florenz
To “landscapes and animals”, art association Swabian resound, to Swabian resound
“Country OF milk & fire”, gallery Burger, Munich
2001 2001 “ants”, art association kjubh, Cologne
“Painting”, gallery Thieme, Darmstadt
“Ants II”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
2002 “The distance to the Paradies”, palace Walderdorff, Trier
“Lemuria”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
“Animals”, Federal Office for Environment Protection, Berlin
“Animals and landscapes”, gallery Mühlfeld & Stohrer, Frankfurt/Main
Gallery Thieme, Sylt
Gallery Michael, Rottach Egern
2003 Gallery of current art in the Osram house, Munich
“Gertrude stone - approximating to the literary work”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen

Exhibition participation (selection)

1987 “Worth seeing”, Braunschweig castle passage, Braunschweig
1989 “Views”, studio exhibition, Stuttgart
1990 “Light and Kraft”, studio exhibition, Stuttgart
76te autumn exhibition, art association Hanover, Hanover
1991 Art association mash mountain, mash mountain
“In the eye seize”, art association Goettingen, Goettingen
1994 Gallery at the Hague gate, Tübingen
Urban gallery Balingen, Balingen
1995 “nine German artists”, sand clay/tone Gallery, Johannesburg
1996 Gallery Guth Maas and Maas, Reutlingen
Lock Monrepos, Ludwigsburg
Bockenheiemer depot, Frankfurt
“Pittura”, Castello di Rivara, Turin
1997 Gallery Carolin Lindig in Paludetto, Nuremberg
1998 Gallery Thieme, Darmstadt
“United Colours”, studio Nol Hennissen, art park east, Munich
1998 - 1999 “Landscape today”, Suermondt Ludwig museum, Aachen
1999 DSVKUNSTKONTOR in German savings banks the publishing house, Detmold
Contemporary art from Germany, France and Great Britain,
Daimler Benz Aerospace AG, Munich
From gallery shrink, Frankfurt
Darmstädter secession, Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt
“City - country - river” gallery Stüber, Berlin
“Water”, gallery David, Bielefeld
2000 “Landscape areas from the collection Deutsche Bank” (itinerant exhibition)
Museum of modern art, donation Wörlen, Passau; Pc. Annen museum,
Luebeck; Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg
“interIMR haven”, gallery Thieme, Darmstadt
“Animal”, gallery Ahlers, Goettingen
2001 Darmstädter secession, Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt
2002 Mannheimer art association, country win, Mannheim
Art in the E-work, Rottach Egern
Gallery Christa Burger, Roughing it into the shrubs, Munich
2003 “Areas removed - landscape approximating”, Marburger art association

Work in public and private collections (selection)

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt
Dresden bank, Munich
German balance bank, Bonn
Savings bank Hanover
Collection swivel, lock Haigerloch
Collection pgn, Bremen
City Goettingen
German savings banks publishing house GmbH, Stuttgart
Collection Birkel, the USA
Collection city salt lattice
Computing centre Berlin
Collection Murken, Aachen
District savings bank Euskirchen
DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Munich
District savings bank county Diepholz
Museum Würth, Künzelsau
Friend circle Willy Brandt house registered association, Berlin
State central bank in Berlin and Brandenburg, Kleist mansion, potsdam
Gallery of current art in the Osram house

Fair participation

Kind Cologne
Kind Miami
kind Frankfurt
Kind Turin
Kind Zurich
Art Cologne 2000


Catalogs Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “worth seeing”, Braunschweig 1987
Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “Goettingen 1992”,
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Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “painting”, urban gallery Balingen,
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Catalog “art at the promenade place”, Dresden bank AG, Munich 1995
Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “painting”, Reutlingen 1996

Catalog “Pittura”, Rivara 1996

Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “painting 1985-1998”, Bielefeld 1998

Catalog “feat. The collections of the German balance bank”, Cologne 1998

Ruth dealer: “Painting with new chances”,
in: kind, the art magazine, No. 9, September 1998

Catalog “25 years edition P. 25 years art for savings banks. 25 years art promotion, DSVKUNSTKONTOR”, savings bank Detmold, Stuttgart 1999

Catalog “contemporary art from Germany, France and Great Britain” DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG, Munich 1999

Catalog “30. Annual exhibition of the Darmstädter secession”, Darmstadt 1999

Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “landscapes”, Bielefeld 2001, Hrsg. gallery Ahlers, Goettingen

Catalog Sigrid Nienstedt, “animals”, Bielefeld 2001, Hrsg. gallery Ahlers, Goettingen

Catalog Sigrid Nienstadt, “country”, Mannheim 2002, Hrsg. Mannheimer art association win

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