John Norment, American (1911 - 1988)

John Norment

John Norment was an artist, cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who lived in Chicago, New York, and later in Westport, CT. He was married to Betty Teare Norment. She died in 1978. They had no children. He was born in Lebanon, TN , in 1911, and died in Westport, CT in 1988, age 76.

1933-34: He attended the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

1934-40: Exhibited: Chicago No-Jury Society of Artists annual shows, 1934, 36, 37, 39, 401935: Assistant to Art Director, Esquire Magazine

1935-36: Iannelli Studio. Did textiles for Montgomery Ward, posters for Carson Pirie.

1938-42: Freelance – Carson Pirie Scott, Marshall Field, Chicago Tribune, cartoons and ideas for Esquire.

1942-46 He served in World War II as a combat correspondent-photographer in the US Coast Guard in North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and China Sea .

1947-48: Photographer for Sundblom Studio, Chicago (did all the Coca-Cola Santa Clauses). Wittrup Studio, NYC.

1948-54: Sales (freelance) of drawings, short humor and cartoons to Look, Punch, Philadelphia Inquirer, True, Argosy, Ladies’ Home Journal. Ideas for cartoons sold to The New Yorker.

1954-65 – Editor, Dell Publishing Company’s humor magazines, such as “You’ve Gotta be Joking”, 1000 Laughs” and “Monkeyshines”. He edited the “Cartoonist” for the National Cartoonist Society for 5 years. His efforts on the magazine earned him the Silver T-Square award.

1966-68: Worked at Norcross Greeting cards, NYC, and the Famous Artists School in Westport, CT.
Editor (freelance) Awards Journal of the National Cartoonist’s Society.

1968-88: still cartooning and painting. He sold a number of watercolors and serigraphs at local studios and galleries in Connecticut.

He had 2 New Yorker covers published in March 6, 1978 and January 28, 1980. He also published a number of cartoons which appeared in The New Yorker, as well as in The Saturday Evening Post, Look, and many other magazines.

John was a vocalist on occasion with a local Westport, CT, group —The Peppermill Jazz Band in Westport, CT. His most famous number was “Big Butter and Egg Man”. He designed the cover of their album.

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