Rafael Alvarez Ortega, Spanish (1927 - 2011)


Born in Cordoba on May 9 at No. 5 San Felipe Plaza, Ramon y Cajal today the seventh son of Mariano Alvarez Beral Barrionuevo and Mary Sánchez Ortega Moreno Pastor Soria
He was baptized in the Church of San Juan, La Trinidad, on June 19 and was given the name of Rafael Alvarez Ortega


They will live in the street Hoces Lopez No. 46 next to the Victory Gardens.


Attend the High Street School in Santa Ana n ° 7 and later to the public of the Good Shepherd Street, Jardines de San Hipolito Colon and the Great Captain.


Is confirmed in the Church of San Juan on the 13th of June. Book 18 Folio 203 No. 404.


In August and due to the war will live in the house who had their parents in the Brilliant Gold Granite, called Santa Paula.


On May 29 his mother died of a tumor target. On June 1 kill his older brother, Mariano, the Frente de Teruel, when he was only 21 years.


Attending School in Vista Hermosa and is ready for Admission to the Institute of Plaza de las Tendillas by D. Anastasio Perez Dorado where she six years of high school


Goes with his father and his sister Adele to Malaga. At the station his father said, Look, The Sea A blue band still looked over the low roofs. He never understood how the sea was up there still.


Retiro Park, Vesuvius erupted, and a Byzantine church, are the first pictures that I copy from a geography book studying for an exam after Christmas.


Gerardo Olivares comes from the Institute of Spanish Culture, takes you to the Congregation of San Luis Gonzaga at San Hipolito, where he met José Manuel Fernández Arroyo in July and Increase Martínez. Copy of a magazine oils "Children with Harmonica" (1) and "Moonlight" (2).


In April he met Pablo García Baena through July increased Gerardo Olivares and a walk in the Altos de la Victoria Gardens.
On October 3, makes his income in the College of Education located in the Plaza de San Nicolas where he studied the three-year career. Classmate is Rafael Benitez del Rosal, who lets his superb knowledge of art books in the library of his uncle. Crown Pine (3) and Self (4) are oil this year.


Casa Vasca (5) Frederic Chopin (6) Brahms (7) Wagner (8) Azahar Tumbler (9) San Francisco (10) which is a copy of Zurbaran and gives Gerardo Olivares next to the portrait of his sister Maria del Carmen ( 11).
In the annexes of Education courses at the School of the street knows Saravia Juan Bernier, who is in charge of the class of tough guys. Ricardo Molina introduces him to a goat who is accompanied by collecting Poetry Prize Juan Valera.


Change the time of the practices in the School of Education attached to the occupation of painting a big picture that represents San Rafael Alcangel (12) box that was hung in the center of the ladder resting Street School Saravia. Other paintings of this year is five.
Does the illustrations for his brother Manuel "The footprint of things" (042-043-044-045-046-047-048 and 049) and "Siroco" (050-051-052 and 053) and " Song of the poor "(079) Nicolas Osuna.
In June he published at No. 5 Song "Winter" and "Song."
In July assists with fellow students to a camp in the Escorial to obtain the title of Professor of Physical Education.
Review here his friendship with Antonio Ladron de Guevara the son of a shot of the war, he kept a great library that opened roads.
Close the book of poetry 1946 - 1948 entitled "With eyes closed"


On April 23 he met Vicente Aleixandre in Cordoba, the beginning of a great friendship.
On April 27, Don Vicente Serrano Ovin Professor of History at the School of Education organized a trip to Avila and Madrid career. Have the opportunity to visit first the Prado Museum.
In August presents Entrance Examination in the School of Fine Arts in Santa Isabel de Hungría in Seville.
In September, influenced by John Bernier, presents competitions launched by the Provincial Government of Córdoba to study painting at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. After tests and exercises in competition with other applicants was awarded a scholarship "Rafael Romero Barros" which is equipped with four thousand pesetas a year for four years.
In October he moved to Madrid and lives on a pension from the Plaza de Santa Ana's classmates who is in Fine Arts are among others: Lucio Muñoz, Luis Feito, María Jesús Lampeare, Camilo Porta, Ulah Holm, Fernando Baron Leopoldo Anchoriz ...
In October Aglae published in the Journal "Song of the blue" and "Poem of the three hikers" belonging to the book "With eyes closed"
In December, a week goes by Cañete de las Torres Muñoz Allodi family.
This year are books of poetry, "Bitter Victory" and "Lover Gift" this year's oil paintings are eleven.


In January moves to Calle Alfonso XII n º 13 in Madrid with a view to Atocha. In March he returned to Córdoba sick and weak due to food
Ends May 27 Course in Fine Arts with the result of two approved and two Gifted and Higueras Molina wins the Colorado worth $ 250
The drawings in this year's thirty-two and twenty-two oils are
In June wrote three booklets of poetry entitled "Poetic Prism" "Time of Anguish" and "La Pena Negra Booklet"


In January, still lives in Alfonso XII n º 13 which is visited by José Manuel Fernández Arroyo and Gabriel Moreno Plaza
Four exhibitions held in Cordoba for two weeks, in April and May in the Library Góngora Cruz Conde street that are reflected in the Diario Córdoba in April by Manuel Medina González, in May with an article by Ricardo Molina and in June by another text Medina González.
By Harold Wortham, an American painter who studied restoration of Fine Arts, meets William Huntington, a wealthy traveler who buys four drawings and three oil paintings 074-080-082-086 31-34-38, which is the first money you earn from your art.
Course ends in May of Fine Arts with two approvals and two Outstanding. The drawings are dated this year: 82 and oils: 24
In June we received an invitation to participate in the First Bienal Hispano Americana Art signed by Leopoldo Panero. Following the news Ricardo Medina González and Molina published in the Diario Córdoba two long articles in October.
On August 20, published "The songs of José Moreno Onofre" where the design includes 272
On October 1 Municipal Hall was inaugurated in the Street Art Gongora Cordoba with an exhibition of paintings in which fifty titles listed catalog of drawings and three oil paintings with a beautiful text of John Bernier.
Products of Medina González on 15 October and Ricardo Lopez Martinez in November was published in the Diario Córdoba and an unpublished text written by Luis Jiménez Martos on 18 October.
E-Literature published in March in his No. 19 321 and 322 drawings.
Aglaia Magazine published in its October 4 volume of poems in the book Lover Gift.
Clavileño magazine published on its number 12 090 094 drawings and 097.
On December 9 Vicente Alaixandre dedicates the poem "The Soul" written by hand on a book by the painter.
El Ateneo de Madrid used in the presentation of the Christmas catalog in the Ateneo drawing 302 of the painter.
The President of the Diputación de Córdoba Gisbert Joaquin Luna uses drawing 104 that had purchased for Christmas Cristmas.


A friend of Antonio Gala, Francisco Cordova Berenguer passing through the exhibition being open last October, is interested in organizing an exhibition in Valencia, for which talks with the Board should hold Mateu and exposure from 16 to 30 January with 30 drawings and two paintings.
Francisco Berenguer presents the text of the catalog and write a long article in the weekly "Youth" for the month of January. And in the same weekly Ovid criticizes on January 20. The newspaper Las Provincias de Valencia publishes an article by Miguel Domenec on ​​January 27 that included a poem by Juan Bautista Bertran entitled "Before the soul to seep into drawings by Rafael Alvarez Ortega", which later included in his book "Between Silence and Flight, "published by the Institute of Valencia Alfonso the Magnanimous.
The critical Chavarri other text published on 28 January in Las Provincias. This is echoed in Córdoba whose journal published in February a diary comment.
Collaborate with illustrations in the Journal Ateneo in numbers from February to May with the drawings of 301 to 315.
Harold Wortham painter makes a portrait in oil that is exposed to other works of a painter at the Casa de America in Madrid.
In March participated in the exhibition of Artists of Africa held at the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (53) In these respects ABC in March, Ateneo and Insula in April.
In May the School of Fine Arts gives the notes of this year: Approved and three Outstanding.
Collaborate with illustrations in the magazine Insula n º 78 and 79 of June and July with 326 and 327 drawings.
In June Vigo is published in "The Offices" by Eduardo Moreiras with four drawings 083-105-192 and 211.
On June 18 received from the French Embassy in Spain to report that he has been appointed Fellow of the French Government and should be in Paris on August 1
In July he is portrayed in a 50x70 drawing by the artist Carlos Pascual de Lara who by then was in Córdoba.
In August part in the collective Xagra Gallery Madrid bullfighting issues (Oil 415).
Aesthetic Ideas Magazine published on its front page of the drawing No. 39 087.
From August to December in Paris remains resident in the House of Spain in the Ciudad Universitaria. Jorge Fernández There he meets an exiled son of the Spanish regime in Tangier, which makes five pictures Pictures 552 to 556. It is equipped with documentation and laissez-passer for all museums in France and the Chain restaurants University and free travel passes Chartres Fontainebleau Versailles Chantilly ... The pictures at the moment are: from 227 to 243 and the oils from 68 to 75.
Martínez Novillo found in Paris makes a drawing and portrait
met in a bar in the Latin Quarter to the exiled painter Antonio Quiros.
The newspaper published on December 1 Cordoba Medina Gonzalez article entitled: "The painter Cordoba Alvarez Ortega studied and worked in Paris"
The drawings dated this year are 69 and 14 oil paintings.


Publishes the weekly Ecos Cordoba in its issue of January 19 a letter from Paris by the painter called "Paris is worth a Mass"
Live from New Year's in Hermanos Miralles n º 89 in Madrid.
Gabriel Moreno Plaza Journal published an article in Córdoba in March entitled "An Unfinished Symphony."
Visit the School of Fine Arts El Escorial Monastery. Due to the mediation of the Huntington William Wittenborn One-Wall Gallery in New York organized an exhibition in his gallery.
The college magazine will guide Madrid Paris drawings reproduced in their numbers January February March April May June July August and September.
From 15 to April 30 Art Gallery of South Santander organized an exhibition of his drawings published in the catalog text by José Luis Cano. Reference release are as published in the Diario Montanes 15, 16, and 22 April signed Manuel Real and published in Alert 15 to April 19 signed by Joaquin de la Puente. Alejandro Gago unpublished text and pictures that you take Angel de la Hoz.
Known exposure to Blas de Otero gives you dedicated a copy of his book "The roll of Conscience."
Visit the Caves of Altamira to the company's stores and Don Simon on April 24 the newspaper published an extensive report warning signed by Garcia Cantalapiedra in which the artist speaks of the prodigious paintings.
On May 1 the Biblioteca José María de Pereda de Torrelavega opens an exhibition of his drawings with text by Jose Hierro in the catalog. It contains quotes from the press in the 28th Mountain Newspaper and April 30 and 1, 3, 13 and May 16 signed by Francisco Cayon and Alert diary day 3. Reference Insula of May 15 and May 23 of the Ateneo.
May 27 received the notes of Fine Arts: Three Outstanding and Approved.
"First Eclogue" of Garcilaso de la Vega, edited by Bertran de Heredia Santander, with a drawing: 179.
Collaborates with three oil paintings, 79 81 and 83, the anniversary of its founding statement of the Circle of Friendship of Córdoba from 17 to 30 May.
There are critics in the newspaper Cordoba in June and also in Ecos.
On June 1, receives an invitation signed by Manuel Fraga Iribarne in August to attend the courses at the University Contemporary Problems Menendez y Pelayo, Santander Magdalena. Participate in June at the exhibition "Homage to Daniel Vazquez Diaz.
El Diario de Huelva Odiel July 11 echoes a group of students attending a work camp in fishing operations in which Alvarez is a document certifying Ortega and the Spanish Union University, signed by J. Jordana.
The # 4 Clay and Bird magazine of August which is published in Cáceres publishes cover designed by the painter.
La Madeleine in August, he says, was an amalgam of people to which more ridiculous, as Cela, Gaya Nuño, Gozal Robles, Oteyza, Zaes ...
As a memento of the inauguration of the University Residence in Santander in the Sardinero editing a book with a poem by Jose Hierro "Summer" and drawing Alvarez Ortega 149. The Estate acquired the drawings 162 61 76 213 that hangs in place. It referred to alert Journal in its issue of August 6.
On August 23 the City of Generalissimo Franco Santander offers a meal in the halls of the Royal Society of Tennis and was offered a final drawing (201) Alvarez Ortega as reflected in the Journal of August 23 Alert
The Journal publishes Platero of Cadiz in the drawing No. 21 number 344.
In November's Edition appears Platero and I edited the collection Aguilar Crisolin with the number 07 and which is illustrated with 50 drawings Ortega Alvarez
Ateneo published in its issue of December 48 a criticism of Jose Maria Jove on the selection of artists for the II Bienal Hispano Americana de Arte, Havana celebrated in style Gallery in Madrid and engaged Alvarez Ortega.
Deluxe Edition appears that Paul Bertram de Heredia makes José Hierro Poetics Anthology which contains five drawings of the artist: 170, 177, 183, 200 and 207. On December 6 he delivered a copy of which is an unpublished poem and autograph signing with the poet to the painter.
The painter's file records 102 oil paintings drawings and 9 this year, 1953.


From 11 to January 23 Exhibition of drawings "Platero" in the Clan Gallery, in front of Pepe Carleton. Narvion Pilar dedicated his chronic Village Journal on January 15. José Antonio Cabezas, made ​​a photo page painter and four reproductions in the Journal of Tangier Spain on 22 January. There is information on the Road Monday day 18, day 20 I Journal of I nformation on 23 Arines signed by Castro, Mariano Tomas in Madrid on day 24. José Camon Aznar made ​​his criticism on the ABC January 24. In Ateneo February 51st criticism of Jose Maria Jove, magazine photos of January 23, February Insula magazine, and journal Córdoba January.
Gian Carlo Menotti knows that makes it a portrait drawings employed on the cover of their albums.
Hispanic Papers in its issue of January 49 published a picture on its cover (323) and 212 drawings and 260 loa inside. In his drawings number 51 822 and 825 with a text about the painter José María Subirón and a mention of Luis Castillo on the participation of the painter at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in March.
In February, José María Rodríguez Méndez writes a beautiful article in the journal Alcalá n º 50. Arroita Marcelo Jauregui writes in No. 84, E-Literature. There are notes in the Ateneo drafting No. 53 and an unpublished text of Ramirez de Lucas.
The Journal publishes Conch Malaga on the cover of their number February 16 drawing No. 816.
Index magazine published February 24 on its front page a picture of the painter by Angel de la Hoz in Santander in 1953 with a critique of the exhibition at the Clan.
Jacinto Lopez Gorge In March he published his book "Sign of Love" on Myrtle and Laurel Collection with three drawings 164, 178 and 181.
Luis Felipe Vivanco writes in The Barcelona Review 98th March 3 an article with a reproduction.
Works in the anthology of the Second Biennial of Art in Santo Domingo, Caracas, Cali, Popayan, Medellin and Bogota.
The Cordoba newspaper published a March 27 article about Medina González Platero drawings made ​​by the painter.
Teresa magazine in its April issue publishes a six-page reproductions of Platero 252, 261, 265, 266, 272 and 274.
Mampaso painter drawing a portrait one afternoon in the cafe Gijon.
Appears again in April Canticle magazine, with cover artist.
In April, the painter makes his entry into military service and is intended to Madrid-based transmissions in Prado del Rey. Where is the poet Emilio Ruiz Parra, with whom he is engaged in the manufacture of the Red Journal, Bulletin of the Center for Army Truck, drawing six numbers in that period.
In June illustrates "The Tree and Other Poems" by Leopoldo de Luis with the drawings 169,180,186 edited in Santander Tito-Man.
Agora poetry magazine published in Madrid drawing number 37 number 174.
In October an exhibition of drawings in the Casa de Cultura Sánchez Díaz de Reinosa which publishes a catalog with three drawings and a text Marcelo Jauregui Arroita 256 263 and 280. Reviews on ABC on October 24.
Emilio Ruiz Parra published in the magazine Red October a story about the painter that comes with nine views.
November 6 is the residence contract Joaquin Maria Lopez 48 4 º F to Madrid where he lives since then.
In November, the Library presents José María de Pereda de Torrelavega Platero thirty drawings and text in the catalog of Jorge Campos and two replicas 253 and 269. Reference in the Bulletin of the General Directorate of Architecture and Library n º 23.
On November 10, opens exhibition of drawings at the Gallery of Tangier Provens Emilio Sanz text in French and Spanish, and two replicas 713 and 776 and a photo of the artist in the catalog.
Criticism in Spain of Tangier Journal 6, 10, 11 and a text on November 16 José Antonio Cabezas. The Depeche Marrocaine 7, 10 and November 18, but Tangier Gazette of the 12th signed by Eric Gifford.
Ketama home Tetuan # 4 in December with drawing No. 687.
Appears on the list of artists who have exhibited at the Delta Chamber of Santander. The drawings in this year's fifty and five oil paintings.


You receive a letter in January Zenobia Jimenez Camprubi thanking the drawings for editing Platero de Aguilar.
Cover 643 drawings and 324 and 682 for Hispanic Americans Notebooks their number 62 of February.
Agora publishes five issues of this year dibujos088 198, 250, 294, 295 and 763.
Exhibition Halls Hotel in Melilla Rusadir 28 to March 5. A replica catalog with text 181 and Miguel Fernandez. There are articles in the newspaper of the city on 27, 28 and 29.
"First Leaves" by Alonso Zamora Vicente Insula published in March is illustrated by six drawings: 163, 165, 391, 649, 759 and 761.
10 to March 17 The Economic Society of Friends of Malaga in their rooms will mount an exhibition of 25 drawings. Publishes a catalog with two replicas 147 and 481 and the author's portrait of Angel de la Hoz. Vicente Nuñez writes the text and makes a note on Conch n º 30 of April. The newspaper deals with South criticizes the 10th and 11th of March. La Hoja del Lunes de Málaga published a critique on day 14, the Southern Journal returns with an article on day 18 and day 20 again playing with a text dealing with the drawing 147.
On March 30 the volume appears Enrique Lafuente Ferrari Book of Santillana del Mar, which reproduces on its cover the picture 628.
The island of Santander mice published in the issue drawing 21-22 196. In drawing number 23 209 and in its latest issue published 24-25-26 280 drawing on the cover and inside drawings 255 and 776.
Juan Emilio Aragonés publishes a paper with a picture of Angel Ateneo sickle magazine of April.
Illustrated with twelve drawings from 896 to 905 the book of Virgil Sevillano "Josa Literary."
"South of Remembrance" Concha Lagos with eleven drawings: from 627 to 637 in Agora Publishing.
Twenty Spanish poet Rafael Millán, portrait of Gabriel Celaya.
Appears the first edition of Platero and I in the Literature Collection
Military service ends: April 5, 1954 - May 31, 1955.
Exhibition of Sketches for the printing of fabrics organized by Gaston y Daniela in Madrid on May 31 to June 15.
First Exposition de la Mediterranee in Alexandria July 15 to 15 September. Oil holds a 63 and six drawings. Aime Azar engages in the Phare Egyptien July 29 and in the same newspaper on August 24 Rene Benezra.
In August, through Carleton Pepe Clan Gallery of Madrid is invited to the home of Beatriz Pendar in Tangier. Make the photo book "Tangier Boy's" on the beach of the diplomats and exhibited in the Tangiers Librairie des Colonnes a series of drawings and monotypes. Dealing, criticism of 14 September in the Journal of Africa, on August 24 La Depeche Marrocaine with a text by Michel Passy, ​​25 on Spain to Tangier, and the 27th of August the Tangier Gazette. Known at this time to Paul Bowles and Yacoubi, Emilio Sanz had presented his exhibition at the Gallery Provens in 1954, Geoffroy de Thoysis and Labos Ika. Located in the city's friend Jorge Fernández Paris and her family.
Goes back to Spain by Carlos Irisarri Ceuta where he makes a long interview in the "Diary of Africa" ​​on 14 September and on 18 Nisa Pius Gomez writes a wonderful article titled "The Kingdom of Pan seen through a Gothic Church ".
In September comes from Ceuta to Malaga and know Vicente Fernandez Nuñez and Barnabas Canivell in whose house you stay, and makes the picture that is posted on the front of number 36 of Snail in October.
A through Cordoba, Medina González makes a beautiful article published in the Diario Córdoba on 17 September. Ateneo magazine in his No. 79 published a note about Ortega Alvarez stay in Tangier.
Hoxe poets, published in Buenos Aires published "Two Cabaleiros Xardin of Malta" by Elena Bono with the picture on the cover 179, Alvarez Ortega.
Leopoldo de Luis writes a laudatory article entitled "Drawing and Poetry Alvarez Ortega" which remains unpublished.
Poetry notebooks starting off with a poem by Jorge Guillen entitled "Venus Italica" and a drawing 154 of Alvarez Ortega. The second book is for "The Lover wanders" by Luis Cernuda, with the drawing 214.
In October the library A Who Me Va, who heads Bernabé Fernández Canivell published "Autumn in Manchester" by José Luis Cano with five drawings by Alvarez Ortega: 168 182 645 682 and 721.
In December Caracola No 38 published on the cover drawing Ortega Alvarez 96.
Salom Soliman publishes "Spain", with drawings 101, 112 and 571.
The Journal publishes Teresa Christmas a full page drawing intertwined with poetry of Lope de Vega, Luis Rosales, Fernando Quinones and Tirso de Molina.
The drawings made ​​this year are: 124 and seven oil paintings.


In January he travels with Valdemar and Master Fernando Fernando Moraleda to Rute, Granada, Motril, Salobrena, Malaga. Torremolinos, Arroyo de la Miel, and Seville.
Notebook appears Vicente Nuñez "Three Ancient Poems" in Journal of Poetry Collection of Malaga with drawing No. 792 and in the same Collection "consummation" of Vicente Aleixandre with drawing number 777.
The Spanish Contemporary Art Exhibition opens in Ankara and in the month of February at the Athens Chamber of Parnassus.
The collection of The Artist recorders in its edition published the Rosa Vera Ortega Alvarez Engraving 680 to Gregorio Marañon illustrating the poem dedicated "Your World."
Dido The Little Theatre presents "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett used the picture in its catalog number 637.
Shell in its issue of May 43 front-page drawing set 298 in the July 45th drawing 317.
ABC in its issue of July 21 does cover the monotype Alvarez Ortega number 294 in the month of January the drawings for the month of May inside the 295, 296 and 1196.
In July the Council of Valencia published a book of Poetry by Juan Bautista Bertan, "I Sing The Sea" with ten drawings Alvarez Ortega: 113, 207, 770, 775, 776, 781, 782, 791, 793 and 803.
Francisco Morais drawing 074 used for editing of his poem "Trees" in the collection "The Green Cat Santander.
On July 12 it says in his Colophon just print the book by Rafael Alvarez Ortega "The Clear Day" in the collection Who Me Va with 26 drawings and text by José Camon Aznar care Canivell Bernabé Fernández and Vicente Nunez in press South Manchester.
In August, the painter went to Rome and Ravello Vila Cimbrone in the Gulf of Naples, where he is invited to the home of Beatrix Pendar where he met Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Winn, Alexandra Moore, Geoffroy de Thoisy, Ilhenny Mc Henry, and marriage millionaire Robert Wood Bliss.
Positano Amalfi Salerno Paestum Herculaneum Motreal Agrigento Catania Messina Palermo Taormina Naples and Rome.
In September he returned to Tangier where he lives in the house guest of Paul Bowles on the Mountain.
On October 24 the day of San Rafael Arcangel is published in Malaga "Santa Maria de Trasierra" Rafael Alvarez Ortega book with thirty drawings and foreword by Enrique Lafuente Ferrari in Endymion Collection Vicente Nuñez care and Author.
Shell in its issue published on October 48 drawing number 320.
Víctor Andrés Catena published in "Don Alhambra" n º 9, Granada an article titled, "All Life is Lived Poetically."
In December he was invited to the house to the Marquis of Santo Domingo is in the walls of Avila, where he also invited the young Simeon, King of Bulgaria in exile in Spain.
Drawings made ​​this year are eighty-three and three oils.


In January it sets to the work of Georges Schehade "The Lord Bob'le" presented at the Little Theatre of Madrid led Dido Trino Martinez Trives. Journal Ya January 16 and "La Vanguardia" in Barcelona on January 17, made ​​the criticism.
Traveling in March to London guest house of José Luis Pradera in the 187 Bickenholl Mansion, London W 1. Leo d'Erlanger buy oil painting "Black with Mandolin" n º 101 and Alice Winn will acquire the oil painting "Children Under the Arch" 102. Winsord travels, Reading, Oxford and Mareworth.
Spend days in May in The Hague in the house guest residence of the Ambassador of Spain. Duke of Baena. Ian knows that draws Hoft (577) and whose photos give rise to "Child with Bird" visit Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, Paris and returned to Madrid.
En Junio recibe a Tennessee Williams en su estudio de Madrid donde le adquiere “El negro de la Martinica” 75.
En Julio hace un viaje a Barcelona, Cannes, Niza, Montecarlo, Milán, Orta, Garda. Piacenza, Cremona, Parma, Regio, Modena, Bolonia, Pisa, Florencia, Cesenatico, Ferrara. Padova, Venecia, Cortina D´Aperzo, Silliam See, Salburgo, Insbruch, Como, Milán, Génova, Barcelona y Madrid.
Aparece en la revista “Razón y Fe” numero 714-715 Tomo 156 el magnifico estudio que hace sobre sus dibujos José Antonio Roig del Campo .
En Agosto regresa a Tánger y en compañía de Geofroy de Thoissy va en viaje por Larache, Alcazarquivir, Sale, Rabat, Mequines y Fes.
En Noviembre recibe carta del “Pulchri Studio” de La Haya firmada por Wibbo Hartman , en la que de le comunica que tiene a su disposición la sala de Exposiciones del 1 al 16 de Febrero.
Los dibujos de este año son veintisiete y los óleos siete.


Exhibition of 40 drawings 50X pulchri Studio 70 on the Hague. Buick Reviews by Andolph in Het Vandeland on 5 February. De Volkskrant Repenning on February 5, De Haagsche Courant February 6. Jeet Vondicrafth in Haagsche Courant February 7, De Frits Haselbarg in Het Vaderland February 9 Jan Beedwekes Ernest Biennenhoft Het on 10 February. Jacques Verhagen in Het Biennenhoft on 12 February.
Radio Netherlands Hilversum deals with it in their broadcasts with the Artist interviu day 6 and 7 in their frequency of 16, 19 and 25 meters.
EFE distributes information on 5 February and Juan Latino addresses this exposure Córdoba Journal on 26 February and again in the same newspaper on March 15.
At the close of the exhibition travels to Cologne, Shillam See in Austria with Harry Van Den Brock and down Insbruch, Lake Guarda Bologna Florence Milan Pisa Rome Pavia. Climb to Munich, Frankfurt, Heiderberg, Hannover, Bremen Hamburg Sulingen Copenhagen and Madrid via Brussels returns to Paris.
Back to Tangier and exhibited at the gallery "La Boite" of Rabat Goefroy of Thoissy. It echoes the "Mediterranean Courrier" in Section Tales of Tingis Trafford Trent writes.
Appears in Stockholm Platero y Yo version of the 50 drawings Alvarez Ortega with the title "Med Silver Samtal" edited by Wahlstrom and Widstran.
Manuel Arce publishes "Poetry Anthology" with drawing No. 610. Pablo García Baena And he dedicates his book "Oil" collection "Agora" the poem "Santa Maria de Trassierra."
Conoce a Leonor Castellanos con la que viaja a lo largo de cincuenta día por el norte y centro de Portugal.
Los dibujos de este año son nueve


En Enero aparece “Vía Crucis” de Enrique Pardo Canalis con el dibujo numero 073 en la portada.
Walter Goodhue que se desplaza a Madrid desde Washington, organiza la exposición en la Gres Gallery con asistencia en su inauguración de José María de Areilza, Embajador de España, el día 29 de Abril. La Galería edita un bellísimo catalogo y The Washington Post and Times Herard publican el 3 de Mayo una critica de Mary Sayre Haverstock y en el Evening Star con Florence Berryman el día 17 de Mayo.
La Libraire Klincksieck de París toma para su edición de la “Antología bilingüe de la Poesía Hispánica” de Vincent Monteil los dibujos 615, 665, 672 y 698.
Una nueva publicación de “Platero y Yo” en Budapest en edición de Europa Konyvkiado, Platero meg en.
Alvarez Ortega cierra su libro de Fotografías “Los niños de Europa” 1955-1959.
El día veintiuno de Agosto nace su hijo Juan Manuel de Leonor Castellanos.
Se registran este año nuve dibujos


Del 25 de Mayo al 10 de Junio exposición en la Galería San Jorge de Madrid. Texto en el catalogo de José Antonio Roig del Campo. Criticas en el diario Arriba el 5 de Junio de Figuerola-Ferretti.
Exposición en la Casa de América de Granada del 15 al 30 de Junio. Criticas en el diario Ideal de Mariano Antequera el 19 de Junio y en el Diario Patria de Santiago Pastor Pereda el mismo 19.
Colaboración con Arthy Layll para la edición de “Well met in Madrid” editado por Putnam and Company en Londres con 20 dibujos: 638 al 657.
Participa en la VI Internacional Schwarz Weis Ausstellung en Lugano.
Group Exhibition at the Field Gallery in Chicago Mardhall nine oil paintings from October 17 to November 17.
Spanish poetry published in the drawing page 594 of Alvarez Ortega in a special issue dedicated to the Nobel Saint-John Perse.
Exhibition in Madrid in December in El Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid with twenty drawings.
On December 31 the Ministry of Education decides the number of existing 311 348 Expenditure Budget of this Department, to acquire the artist Rafael Alvarez Ortega "Oil" Torero back "(132) and drawing" By the Port "(793) nuevemil the amount of pesetas, bound to the Museum of Modern Art.
The drawings were made ​​this year forty-three and oils twenty-seven


Exposición colectiva en la galería Darro de Madrid: “Arte Actual”.
“Rafael Alvarez Ortega, pintor de la adolescencia”, es el titulo que Francisco Umbral publica en un largo articulo en el diario El Norte de Castilla en Setiembre.
Exposición Individual en la Marshall Field Gallery de Chicago con veinticuatro óleos, del 134 al 158. Critica en el Chicago Sunday Tribune del 12 de Noviembre de Edith Weigle.
Los dibujos de este año son nueve y los óleos treinta y nueve.


Exposición en la Marshall Field Gallery de Chicago con seis óleos. Artists Exhibit Works at Special Showing en The Field Glass de Chicago. October.
Edición Completa en Japonés de IBM de Platero y Yo con los 50 dibujos. Deposito en el museo de Juan Ramon en Moguer , Huelva.
Nueve dibujos de este año y veintidós óleos


Exposición en la Galería San Jorge de Madrid del 14 al 30 de Marzo.
Catalogo con un dibujo (195) y tres óleos (165, 169 y 172) Texto de Rafael Soto Verges .
Articulo de Francisco Umbral en el diario El Norte de Castilla de Valladolid el 24 de Marzo.
Exposición Colectiva en la Galería San Jorge sobre el tema Flores y Pájaros del 11 al 31 de Mayo.
Exposición en The Trafford Gallery de Londres con veinte óleos, del 11 de Junio al 12 de Julio. Critica en un articulo de Bryan Senior en Art Review de Junio y en The Times Saturday del 6 de Julio con la reproducción en portada del óleo 110.
Luis de Castresana publica en el diario Pueblo de Madrid el 16 de Julio un reportaje titulado “Actualidad y presencia de España en Inglaterra. Gran éxito del pintor Alvarez Ortega”
Estando en Londres recibe la noticia de la muerte de su padre a los setenta y cuatro años el día 29 de Mayo, justo el mismo día que murió su madre.
Exposición colectiva en Marshall Field Gallery en Octubre. Criticas en The Field Glass de Chicago el 6, el 11 y 28 de Octubre.
Treinta y un dibujo de este año y tres óleos


Exposición colectiva en la Marshall Field Gallery en Chicago con siete óleos, 173, 237, 238, 239, 240 y 241.
Compra tierra en Casillas, Avila y comienza a construir la casa que se llamara “El Refugio”
Quince dibujos de este año y catorce óleos


Exposición en The Trafford Gallery de Londres del uno al 25 de Junio Se venden los dieciséis óleos que compone la Exposición. The Times Saturday de 22 de Mayo reproduce en portada el óleo 248 y hay criticas en Art Review el 8 de Junio firmado por Max Wykes-Joyce y el día once en What´s on in London, por Oswell Blakeston
Los dibujos firmados este año son veintiséis y los óleos ocho.


Dos dibujos y trece óleos son lo firmados este año.


Pájaro y Cascabel, Mexico-Madrid publica el libro de poesía de su hermano Manuel “Despedida en el Tiempo” con el dibujo 164 en portada.
La Revista The Studio de Londres publica un texto acerca de una colectiva en Trafford Gallery haciendo referencia a Alvarez Ortega y reproduce “Cesta con limones” 260.
Nace en el Refugio su perro al que llama Mustang.
Seis dibujos y siete óleos son la obra de este año
Fort Worth Art Center Museum en su exhibición de las recientes adquisiciones abre la exposición el 7de Febrero e incluye el óleo Boy With Guitar 290 y el dibujo Wes 936.
Los dibujos de este año: ocho, los óleos: siete y los monotipos 62


La Real Academia de Córdoba de Ciencias, Bellas Letras y Nobles Artes le nombra el uno de Febrero, Académico a propuesta de D. Rafael Castejon, D. Juan Gomes Crespo y D. Miguel Muñoz Vázquez.
La Comisaria General de Exposiciones organiza con fondos del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo una Exposición itinerante en la que figura el óleo de Alvarez Ortega 132 propiedad del Museo.
The Trafford Gallery abre la Exposición del 9 de Abril al 9 de Mayo. En el catalogo enumera las personalidades del mundo que son coleccionistas de su obra. Arts Review publica el óleo nº 306 el 12 de Mayo con una critica de Conroy Maddox . Y What´s on in London se ocupa el día 18 de Abril con una nota de Oswell Blakeston
Exposición en Chicago. The Marshall Field Gallery en Octubre.
Cinco dibujos y veintidós óleos es la obra de este año.


El Diccionario Biográfico Español Contemporáneo editado por Circulo de Amigos de la Historia se ocupa de Alvarez Ortega en su pagina 112.
La Marshall Field Gallery de Chicago vuelve a contar con el pintor para su anual exposición colectiva.
Los dibujos de este año son veintiuno.


La Ciudad al Sol de Emilio del Río editado por la Revista de Humanidades en Santander incluye doce dibujos del pintor: del 668 al 679.
En Abril participa en la colectiva de la Institución Cultural Cantabria de Santander “Dibujos de Maestros”.
Marshall Field Gallery cuenta de nuevo con el pintor en su colectiva de este año.
En Diciembre inaugura la apertura de una nueva Galería en Barcelona con una exposición de dibujos. La Galería Sarrio en las Ramblas de Cataluña. El catalogo tiene un texto de Juan Bautista Bertran y la reproducción del dibujo 783.
Se ocupa El Correo Catalán del día 9 de Diciembre con la firma de Rafael Espinos . Antonio del Castillo en el Diario de Barcelona el día 9. Rafael Manzano en Solidaridad Nacional, Enrique Funes en la Hoja del Lunes el día 13, Fernando Gutiérrez el día 14 en La Vanguardia Española, Santos Torroella en El Noticiero Universal el día 15, Angel Marsa en el Correo Catalán el día 18 y un texto inédito de Víctor Batalle. Radio Barcelona se ocupa con Lina Font en su programa Punto y Aparte del día 21 a la once de la noche.
Los dibujos de este año son veintiuno.


Colectiva en la Galería Sarrio de Barcelona en Setiembre.
Dos dibujos y seis óleos el trabajo de este año


En Enero la Galería Arteta de Bilbao Inaugura con seis óleos del pintor “La Gruta” Libro XII de la Galería.
El 20 de Setiembre El Correo Español del Pueblo Vasco se ocupa en un articulo firmado por E. Díaz de la actividad del pintor.
El día 2 de Noviembre se inaugura la exposición en Arteta con treinta y siete óleos y quince dibujos 70x50. El catalogo con texto de Francisco Umbral es el tomo XIX de la Galería y lleva la reproducción de toda la obra así como un curriculum extenso de toda la actividad del pintor. La Gaceta del Norte del día 4 de Noviembre con la firma de MJGandariasbeitia publica una pagina del diario y vuelve a documentar el día 7. Se ocupa el ABC del día 8 y Feliz Bilbao (Francisco Umbral) el día 10 en el Correo Español. El día 15 El Correo Español publica un articulo de MJA . y el día 18 vuelve Feliz Bilbao con un Articulo en El Correo Español, El 24 de Noviembre, Laureano Muñoz Vinara publica una Critica en el Diario Hierro, y el 24 de Noviembre antes de la clausura de la Exposición una entrevista firmada por J.Cortes
The Jasper Gallery de Houston inaugura la Galería en Navidad con una exposición de 25 pintores del mundo cuyas obras han adquirido, entre los que se encuentra Alvarez Ortega.
Los dibujos de este año son cuatro y los óleos treinta y dos.


Exposición colectiva de la galería Arteta de Bilbao en Enero con obras de Navidad y Reyes
La Revista Bellas Artes en su Nº 31 de Marzo publica un extenso curriculum documento sobre Rafael Alvarez Ortega. Pintor, Dibujante, Ilustrador, firmado por Osorio Alvarez dentro de la sección llamada “Artistas Españoles Contemporáneos”.
The Jasper Galery de Houston organiza una exposicion del 2 de Agosto al 2 de Octubre y edita un bellísimo catalogo con un texto y nueve reproducciones.
Francisco Umbral hace un texto dividido en cuatro partes y titulado “Los Males Sagrados” para un libro de dibujos de Alvarez Ortega que se queda en proyecto.
Los dibujos de este año son quince y un óleo que es el retrato de Enrique Olaso Agüero


Exposición en la galería Arteta del 3 al 16 de Enero. Catalogo con texto de Juan Elua y títulos de diecinueve dibujos.
Del 3 al 25 de Marzo exposición en Logroño en la nueva galería de arte Vermeer . Catalogo con texto, fotografía del pintor y 16 reproducciones.
Anticipa la Exposición una pequeña nota en la Gaceta del Norte y en Nueva Rioja el día 23 de Febrero. El 3 de Marzo en la Gaceta del Norte critica por Augusto Pérez , criticas en el Correo Español y en Nueva Rioja el día 4, en la Gaceta del Norte el 15, y de nuevo el 15 en Nueva Rioja critica de Arturo Cenzano . Hace mención la revista “Bellas Artes 75” nº 42 del mes de Abril.
La Colección Dulcinea en su Volumen II publica “Dos Libros inéditos” de Ricardo Molina que el pintor guardaba en propiedad desde 1947.
Exposición colectiva el 23 de Diciembre en la Galera Arteta de Bilbao, de “Navidad y Reyes”.
Veintidós dibujos, tres pirograbados y once dibujos sobre madera.


“Los dias vividos” . Poemas de 1948 – 1976 que cierra todas las poesía del pintor sueltas a lo largo de veintiocho años.
Emilio del Río en su libro “La brasa, la ceniza, la figura” de la Colección Alamo, de Salamanca, publica un soneto dedicado al pintor titulado “Tan de la mano llevas”.
Exposición en la Galería Faunas de Madrid del 22 de Marzo al 10 de Abril. Catalogo con foto del pintor y cuatro reproducciones, reseña de las Exposiciones del pintor hasta la fecha, de los Libros Ilustrados y una Completa Bibliografía.
Criticas en el Diario Pueblo de García Viñolas el 7 de Abril, de Javier Rubio un justo articulo en Blanco y Negro nº 3336 del 10 de Abril
Un magnifico articulo de Luis Lopez Anglada con la Portada de “La Estafeta Literaria” nº 586 del día 15 de Abril, y tres paginas completas con texto y la foto del pintor, cuatro óleos y dos dibujos sobre tabla.
El 18 de Abril critica en ABC de Campoy con la reproducción de una tabla. Castro Arines hace su critica en Informaciones, Ramón Faraldo publica a pagina completa con foto su articulo en el diario Ya el 18 de Abril.
En Junio The Jasper Gallery inaugura la exposición de Alvarez Ortega en Nueva York 42 East 57 th Street 10022.
La Galería Sarrio de Barcelona abre una Colectiva en Julio en la que participa el pintor.
Juan Latino publica en el Diario Córdoba un articulo con la reproducción de una tabla de Alvarez Ortega, el día 28 de Octubre.
El 21 de Diciembre Alvarez Ortega participa en la colectiva que organiza la Galería Arteta de Bilbao con el titulo “Pequeño Formato”.
Diez dibujos sobre tabla la obra de este año.
Exposición colectiva en la Galería Arteta de Bilbao, del 11 de Febrero al 5 de Marzo. Atalaya del Paisaje Actual. Pequeño resumen biográfico y presentación de "La cabra Luisa".
La Colección Dulcinea publica en su Volumen VI Antología de Urgencia de Juan Rejano en donde se incluye el retrato del poeta hecho por Alvarez Ortega.
Las tablas de este año son seis.


La editorial Aguilar publica la Décima Edición – Cuarta Reimpresión de Platero y Yo con los cincuenta dibujos de Alvarez Ortega.
Son siete los dibujos sobre madera de este año.


El 15 de Febrero se inaugura en la Galería Faunas de Madrid la exposición de Dibujos sobre Madera de Alvarez Ortega.
Xian de Andrade publica en el Diario El Imparcial un largo articulo el día 22 de Febrero. Castro Arines se ocupa en Informaciones el día 28 y Arte Guía el 15 de Marzo.
Javier Martín Rico publica en Pueblo el día 12 de Marzo un reportaje con dos fotografías y Campoy se ocupa en su pagina de ABC el 25 de Marzo.
Francisco José León Tello hace su critica en la Revista Goya nº 151 publicando un dibujo Madera.
Exposición en la Galería Arteta de Bilbao en Noviembre de seis dibujos sobre Tabla, ocho dibujos 70x50 y cuatro dibujos 50x35.
Los dibujos sobre madera de este año son trece.


Exposición en la Galería Faunas de Madrid del día 2 al 24 de Mayo. Treinta y seis óleos.
Colabora en la exposición por los Derechos Humanos promovido por la Cruz Roja en la Sala Tiepolo de Madrid del 15 al 30 de Noviembre.
La obra catalogada en este año se cifra en 1612 repartida por 66 ciudades de los cinco continentes.


Exposición organizada por la Fundación Santillana en Homenaje a Juan Ramón Jiménez , en la Torre de Don Borja, de Santillana del Mar, en Julio-Agosto. Participación de Alvarez Ortega con dos dibujos originales de la edicion de Platero y Yo de Aguilar de 1953.


Invitación para participar en “Le salón des Nations a París 1984”.


Carta de Paul-Eric Fonjallaz de Metrópolis International Galerie D´Art con casas en Geneve, New York y París para promocionar en la venta de sus obras.


Who´s Who In International Art 1985-1986 de 24 Avenue de la Gare,
Postale 100 Lausanne solicita del pintor fotografía de su obra a incluir en su próxima edición.
Exposición colectiva organizada por la casa de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola en Setiembre en homenaje a Cántico. Obras cedidas para la exposición por D. José de Miguel Rivas.


Carta de la Viuda de Enrique Lafuente Ferrari agradeciendo el envío del libro Santa María de Trassierra, con prologo de este para el conjunto de sus memorias.


Mariano Roldan le dedica al pintor el poema “Tres temas para una Poética” en su libro “Nuevas Mascaras y Utopías” de Editorial Ayuso.
Dibujo retrato de María Guerra Vozmediano publicado en su libro El Mágico Lenguaje de Setiembre editado por El Telar de Yepes, Avila.


Dibujo retrato de Mariano Roldan que se publica por primera vez en su libro Romancerillo Mágico, editado por Renuevos de Dulcinea, Madrid.
Siete Romances Nuevos de Mariano Roldan publica los dibujos 203 y 256.
Cuadernos del Sur , suplemento de Cultura de Diario Córdoba publica en su numero del 2 de Febrero, la portada y las paginas interiores con fotografías y artículos de Soto Verges, Juan Bernier , José Hierro, Ricardo Molina...
Se publica “Siete poemas inéditos” de Juan Rejano con el retrato del poeta hecho por Alvarez Ortega. Edición Jorge Huertas, Fernan Nuñez.


La Ditancia del Sábado, Poemas de Tierra Santa de Luis Lopez Anglada ilustrado con nueve dibujos de Alvarez Ortega.
“Soneto al gran pintor Rafael Alvarez Ortega” de Luis Lopez Anglada. Abril, y “Texto inédito” del poeta sobre la obra del Pintor.


Crónica de un tiempo de Bonanza de Emilio Ruiz Parra , editado por la Diputación de Córdoba, ilustrado con cinco dibujos del pintor.


Mariano Roldan publica en Anfora Nova nº 18-19-20 de Rute, el poema dedicado al pintor titulado “Figura y Pintura de Rafael Alvarez Ortega”.


El 12 de Abril publica el Diario Córdoba el resultado del Pleno del Ayuntamiento por el que se decide nombrar la calle del “Pintor Alvarez Ortega” Dicho nombramiento le es comunicado por el Alcalde D. Rafael Merino Lopez quien le envía fotocopia de la sección y plano de la situación de la calle.
Mariano Roldan incluye en su libro “La nunca huyente rosa” el poema “Figura y Pintura de Rafael Alvarez Ortega”


Antonio Martínez Cerezo se ocupa en Epoca nº 625 del 17 de Febrero del Diccionario de Pintores Españoles, y Publica un Curriculum ilustrado de Alvarez Ortega con la reproducción del óleo 341.
La Viuda de Bernardo Casanueva publica el libro de su esposo “El Evangelio Anterior” con los dibujos 707 y 1012 al 1025 en Santander.
Caja Sur de Córdoba publica el libro de Antonio Colinas , Córdoba Adolescente, con el dibujo 118.


La Galería Studio 52 de Córdoba organiza en Noviembre una colectiva llamada “Los 70 en el recuerdo, visto por sus Pintores” en la que José Jiménez aporta una tabla dibujo de su propiedad.


El Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía de Madrid le comunica a requerimiento del pintor que el óleo 132 y el dibujo 793 procedentes del MEAC se encuentran en los Almacenes del Museo en buen estado de conservación.


José Jiménez Poyato publica en el Diario Córdoba el día 22 de Julio un articulo sobre el pintor.
El 6 de Octubre la Galeria Studio 52 de Córdoba organiza una Exposición de Reproducciones 70x50 de dibujos de Alvarez Ortega. Usan en el catalogo, texto de Juan Bernier del año 1951 y José María de la Torre lee en la presentación un largo estudio sobre el pintor. Juan Carlos Morales lee un bellísimo texto y el Francisco Montalvo improvisa con su violín un espacio sentido con la lectura del poema de José Hierro de 1953.
El Diario Córdoba se ocupa con texto y fotografía el día 7 de Octubre. El ABC de Córdoba y el Diario Córdoba publican textos y fotografías el día 10 de Octubre.
José Jiménez publica una pagina en Nuevo LP en su nº 262 de Octubre titulada “Sala Municipal de Arte (C/ Góngora) Rafael Alvarez Ortega”
Carmen Reina publica en El Semanario del 13 de Octubre una pagina completa con reproducciones y fotografías.
Y sierra esta actividad una nueva pagina de José Jiménez Poyato el 14 de Octubre en el Diario Córdoba.

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