Dorothy Paris, American (1899 - 1986)

Dorothy Paris
Born : Boston, MA

Columbia University Extension 1920; American Academy of Dramatic Art 1921; Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris 1926; Honolulu Academy of Art 1945; University of Hawaii 1945; Art Students League 1947; Hans Hoffman 1948; Uedasan-Sumi Calligraphy in Tokyo

EXHIBITS : (solo)
Galerie Zak in Paris 1950; Van Dieman-Lilienfeld Gallery 1951; Barzansky Galleries 1954; Bodley Gallery 1959

EXHIBITS (group)
Whitney Museum; Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo; Everhart Museum; Massillon Museum; Art Institute of Zanesville; Evansville Museum; The Mint Museum; The Hickory Museum; Wesleyan College; Georgia Museum of Art; Columbus Museum; University of Miami; Auburn University; Art League of Huntsville, AL; Museum des Belles Arts in Argentina; Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico; Sheldon Swope Museum of Art 1964; World's Fair 1965; Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, N.A.W.A. Foregin Exchange 1972; The Pompeiian Pavilion Salvatore Rosa Villa Communale in Naples 1972

Honolulu Academy Art Museum 1946; Florida International Art Exhibition 1952; national Women's Annual Show 1953; Jersey City Museum 1957; Brooklyn Society of Artists 1958; American Society of Contemporary Artists 1970; Elected Fellow to the Albert Gallatin Associates of New York University; American Society of Contemporary Artists 1974, 1976, 1978 (Citation); New York Society of Women Artists 1978; Visiting Nurse Service, 6000 Hours Volunteer Award 1978

Evansville Museum; Art Association of Richmond, Indiana; Colby College; Brandeis University; Birmingham Museum of Art; Joe & Emily Lowe Collection at University of Miami; New York University Art Collection; Peabody Museum; Dallas Museum; Notre Dame University; Witte Memorial Museum; Phoenix Art Museum; Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock, AR; Museum of Modern Art in Miami; Akron Art Institute; Jewish Museum of Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati; Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art at Cornell; Oakland Museum of Art; Norfolk Museum; Sheldon Swope Museum of Art; University of Minnesota; Le Chatea de la Napoule; Musee de Cognac; Musee de Cannes; Purdue University; Butler Institute of American Art; Tufts University Art Collection; Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art in Wichita; The Slater Memorial Museum; St. Josephs College in North Windham, Maine

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