Peter Passuntino, American (1936 - )

Peter Passuntino

Peter Passuntino was born in Chicago in 1936. He studied at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1954 to 1958 and in Paris in from 1963 to 1965. He lives and works in New York City and is one of the original Rhino Horn artists, explaining that "there is a figurative group and an alternative. There is a need for this group to show together and pool our energies and accomplishments".

At eighteen Peter was already in a selected group show at the Carnegie Institute and at nineteen, a one man show at the Artists Guild in Chicago, the beginning of a long and valued career. Peter states that his goal is to discover the underlying roots of things in his world and transfer them into a painting language. The environment and figures blend together in unusual combinations. Often the environment is almost surreal and the figures seem quite realistic.

1963-65 Institut des Arts et Archeologie, Paris
1963 Sir William Hayter Atelier (graphics), Paris
1958 (Summer) Oxbow School of Painting, Michigan
1954-58 School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois
Selected Grants and Awards
1983 National Endowment for the Arts
1971 Guggenheim Fellowship
1964 Fulbright Fellowship in Painting to Paris (renewed)
1963 Fulbright Fellowship in Painting to Paris
1958 Scholarship to Oxbow Summer School of Painting
1954 First Prize, Artists Guild for Chicago-Full four-year scholarship to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Selected Solo Exhibitions
1999 National Arts Club, New York, NY
1997 Nutshell Gallery, Lake Huntington, NY
1996 Art 54, New York, NY
1991 Pike Street Gallery, Port Jervis, NY
1986 Terne Gallery, New York, NY
1986 Fordham University at Lincoln Center, New York, NY
1984 Yvonne Seguy Gallery, New York, NY
1982 Yvonne Seguy Gallery, New York, NY
1981 The White Room Genk, Belgium
1979 Art Latitude, New York, NY
1977 Gallery K Washington, D.C.
1976 Monique Knowlton Gallery, New York, NY
1975 New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ
1973 Gallery B Paris, France
1971 Sonraed Gallery, New York, NY
1965 American Artists Center, "Bad Manners, A Happening", Paris, France
1962 Zabriskie Gallery, New York, NY
1961 Sherman Gallery, Chicago, IL
1960 Sherman Gallery, Chicago, IL
1959 Frumkin Gallery, "Three New Talents", Chicago, IL
1957 City Gallery, New York, NY
1957 414 Gallery, Chicago, IL
1955 Artists Guild of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Selected Group Exhibitions
2001 Paul McCarron Gallery, New York, NY
1999-2000 Nutshell Gallery, Lake Huntington, NY
1988 Frankel Estate, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
1988 Daedal Fine Arts, Fallstown, MD
1986 Kisker Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
1985 Provincetown Art Association & Museum, "Expressionism an American Beginning", Provincetown, MA
1984 Trisolini Gallery, Ohio University, Athens, OH
1983-1984 A.I.R. Invitational Exhibition, New York, NY
1982 Sun Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1982 Di Mauro Gallery, New York, NY
1980 S.U.N.Y at Potsdam, New York, NY
1979-1980 S.U.N.Y at Potsdam traveling exhibition, "Political Comment in Art", New York, NY
1979 Summit Art Center, Summit, NJ
1979 Green Mountain-Bowery Gallery, New York, NY
1978 Gallery 187, Englewood, NJ
1977 Art Institute of Chicago, "Distinguished Alumni", Chicago, IL
1976 Monique Knowlton Gallery, New York, NY
1974 Corcoran Museum, Washington, D.C.
1974 Santa Barbara Museum, Santa Barbara, CA
1974 Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1972 Galerie B, Paris, France
1971 Joseloff Gallery, University of Connecticut, Hartford, CT
1970 New School for Social Research, New York, NY
1970 Judson Church Flag Show, New York, NY
1965 Atelier 6, Paris, France
1965 Roosevelt Community Center, Roosevelt, NJ
1964 Norfolk Museum, Norfolk, VA
1962 Zabriskie Gallery, New York, NY
1961 HCE Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1960 Frumkin Gallery, New York, NY
1960 Ruben Gallery, New York, NY
1960 Judson Gallery, New York, NY
1957 Momentum, Chicago, IL
1957 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1954 Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA
1964 "Five New York Artists", Dorothy Beskind
Selected Reviews
1984 Ed Rubin, Art News - September
1984 Gerrit Henry, Art in America - September
1979 William Zimmer, Soho News - March 19th
1976 Michael Andre, Art News - Summer
1976 Charlotte Thorp, Arts Magazine - June
1976 John Perreault, Soho News - April 8th
1976 Gordon Brown, Arts Magazine - March
1975 Frank Gettings, Urban Explorations
1974 Barry Schwartz, Humanism in Twentieth Century Art Praeger
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1973 Lawrence Cambell, Rhino Horn catalogue
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1971 Gerrit Henry, Art International - February 20th
1970 Gordon Brown, Arts Magazine - December
1970 Hilton Kramer, New York Times - June 21st
1970 Peter Schjeldahl, New York Times, "A World of Raucous Challenging Images"
1962 Max Kozlof, Arts International, "3 Figurative Artists" - March
1960 Alberta Friedlander, Chicago Daily News - March 19th
1959 Irving Sandler, Art News - May
Organization Affiliations
1958 Chairman of Momentum, Chicago. ILL
1969 Original Founder of Rhinohorn Group
Selected Private and Public Collections
Joseph H. Hirshhorn, Greenwich, CN and Washington, D.C.
Walter P. Chrysler, Norfolk, VA
Provincetown Museum, Provincetown, MA
Henry Geldzahler, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. David Perskie, Carlstadt, NJ
Virginia Zabriskie, New York, NY
H. Marc Moyens, Alexandria, VA
Robert Schoelkopf, New York, NY
Monique Knowlton, New York, NY
Sidney Lewis, Richmond, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Darvick, Richfield, CT
Titan Industrial Corporations, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lewis, Boston, MA
Dr. Melvyn M. Leifert, New York, NY
Dr. Daryl M. Isaacs, New York, NY
Neal H. Rosenberg Esq., New York, NY
Raul Lionel Felder Esq., New York, NY
Kenneth B. Goldstein Esq., New York, NY
Kenneth and Margaret Robinson, New York, NY
Ellen Veden, Princeton, NJ
Gilbert Saada, Paris, France
Susan Weiley, New York, NY
Dr. Stuart Kern, New York, NY
Dr. Gary Kaye , New York, NY
Martin P. Miner, New York, NY

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