Alex Pauker, Russian (1974 - )

Born in Russia in 1974, Pauker is one of the youngest of the acclaimed contemporary artists to emerge from Israel in recent years. He graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the Yekaterinburg College of Art in 1990. He then began travels throughout the world and was captured by the extraordinary landscapes of Europe. This caused him to earn a second art degree in Europe. He now resides in Tel Aviv, Israel where he maintains a studio, while continuing to travel extensively in search of subjects and inspiration. He employs a facile technique with palette knife in his paintings, building up the surfaces of the works in a thick texture known as “impasto.” His subjects are varied and taken from locales all over the world, but are united with a sense of peace, natural beauty, and tranquility. Pauker’s command over the techniques of painting and more recently serigraphy, are advanced way beyond his years. For this reason, he is considered one of the most “up and coming” artists on the scene today.

A brief list of his accomplishments includes First Prize at the Leningrad International Symposium of Art, one-person exhibitions at the Museum of Ramat Gan in Israel, the Cultural Center of Natanya, the Gesher Gallery of Tel Aviv, and the Smart Gallery at Hilton, Tel Aviv.

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