Jean Picart le Doux, French (1902 - 1982)

Jean Picart Le Doux, born in Paris January 31, 1902 and died in 1982, was a French painter and painter-cartonnier the revival of contemporary tapestry.

He is the son of the painter Charles Picart Le Doux (1881-1959).

Without specialized training, he made his debut in bookbinding and publishing, and then he turned to advertising and graphic arts and publishing his first works in 1935. His first tapestry dating from 1943 after winning the Grand Prix of the theater poster exhibition in the imaging.

He met Jean Lurçat and, with Marc Saint-Saëns, gather around him in 1947 for the Association of painters cardboard tapestry.

In 1950, he projects the idea of ​​the Alliance Graphique Internationale, during the meeting with exhibitors of an exhibition of their work in Basel, two other French designers Jean Jacques Colin and Nathan, and two graphic designers Swiss, Fritz Buhler and Donald Brown. AGI is officially founded November 22, 1952 and will be the first president.

It is a great master of the Aubusson tapestry, which has produced over four hundred original tapestries during his lifetime.

It stated, among other things, Vascœuil castle in Normandy in 1974.

Some works of Aubusson tapestries

Snowfield 195 cm x 280 cm
Orange sun 150 cm x 278 cm
Pisces 103 cm x 155 cm
Concerto 155 cm x 133 cm
Chamber Music 105 cm x 150 cm
Birds and butterflies 100 cm x 145 cm
Claret 105 cm x 108 cm
City Hall siren Givors
Night for the wedding room of Blanc-Mesnil
The Harvest
La Grappe
La Treille
Liberty I write your name

Illustrations in the deluxe edition

The veins of the Earth by Jean Cocteau
Death of the Eagle Paul Eric
The Child and the Enchantments, illustration of the book presentation of this lyrical fantasy into two parts by Colette and music by Maurice Ravel, French edition of Broadcasting.
The Bestiary, or procession of Orpheus by Guillaume Apollinaire was illustrated with color lithographs on behalf of Les Bibliophiles de France (1962).

the logo of the sower to the Larousse publishing house used between 1955 and 1970,
models of twenty-three Precancels stamps of France, issued between 1983 and 19881.


Splendor marine
The hare and the tortoise for the Fables of La Fontaine ed. Jaspard, Polus and Co.
Place de la Concorde drawn on the presses of L. Destroyed

Works annexes

Recognition by local artist ==

The college named after him Bourganeuf
Tapestry Tribute to JS Bach is reproduced on a postage stamp of France of three francs, issued 22 September 19 802.
Tableware First Class Air France, by Jean Picart le Doux. Dishes used until 2008 on aircraft Air France (Business Class, First Class). (Source: Air France, "Air France, sky objects," Michel Fraile, Editions Ouest-France 2003)

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