Marcello Pirro, Italian (1940 - 2008)

Marcello Pirro

Marcello Pirro (Apricena, 1940 - November 29, 2008) was an Italian artist and poet.

He has worked with Hans Richter and his works are represented in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and have been included in exhibitions with well known Italian painters.

His poems have been illustrated by important painters of the twentieth century, such as Emilio Vedova and Lucio Fontana.

Marcello Pirro, at a very young age he became interested in poetry, philosophy and psychology. Then through alchemy in its classical formulations officers wrote poems in depth the continuing problems of existence.

He has a great reputation that extends throughout the world. In fact, his works can be found at many Italian and foreign museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Museum of Cincinnati (USA), Museum of Modern Art in Ascona and many others too numerous to list. He gave one of the strongest artistic and incisive focus of the century that has seen him as a poet, writer, painter and sculptor linked hand in glove with the greatest painters of the 900 artists who have made ??the history of 'art as a Fountain, Tancredi, Richter, Guidi and others, with whom he maintained relations of friendship and work until the end of their days.

The function of art to the artist Marcello Pirro is to unearth a hidden message in our consciousness. That message being subliminally category in relation to the inner contents, may sometimes not be fully understood by all. Starting from the observation of the true, Pirro refines its sensitivity to the color to form a stage of excitement in a setting that blends the delicacy of the tones and shades.

To master the color has the force of nature, therefore, does not become a pretext to express themselves, but it becomes the subject of the work itself. In fact, the colors are bright and compact, strong and sensual, depending on the mood of the artist. The relationship between color and mood, therefore, is crucial for Marcello Pirro spontaneously because they chase each other, fixing on a canvas, depending on the reason why he paints the subject. The artist in question, then, is fascinated by the means of expression that gets the primary colors, therefore, it is the power of color in its value which attaches particular connotation in the yellow and red describe his inner charge, while with the land and the green, he expresses the contact with nature.
Marcello Pirro, a versatile artist, painting is not a unique choice because it is also a poet and sculptures. He, therefore, with skill and care it has all the versatility of Art.

Undoubtedly, even the spontaneity allows him to express himself in a real message that follows a theme that captures the pure, natural canvas, paper and stone. His works were built with this formula, allow you to play a fundamental work for the movement of ideas.
Aside from the color, the artistic career of Pyrrhus, however, is characterized by attention to the potential suggestive of the sign. Starting from this consideration and I would like to analyze what is fundamental to the sign Pirro in any business. His sign has many meanings and can be understood as expressive, detailed and metaphorical. The latter is a sort of evolved that path is reevaluated in the sense of direction, is an expressive line, in his case is linear, without a break, free of surges and, therefore, is the footprint of evolution.

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