Antoine Poncet, Swiss (1928 - )

Born in 1928 
Member of the Institute  

Grandson of Maurice Denis and wire of Marcel Poncet, Swiss painter and glass maker.

As of the 14 years age Antoine Poncet discovers the sculpture, initially with Reymond in Lausanne, then Richier with Zürich (1942). He is pupil at the School of the Art schools of Lausanne of 1942 to 1945. Stock-broker of the French State, it is back in Paris where it settles definitively in 1948; he then becomes the pupil of Zadkine and Gimond, meets Arp (of which he will be the collaborator of 1953 to 1955), Brancusi, Laurens and binds friendship with Penalba, Etienne-Martin, Stahly, Walber.
In 1952, it is present at the Living rooms of the Young Sculpture, New Realities, May. In 1956, it takes part in Biennial of Venice and receives the following year the Price Andre Knew (Academy of the Art schools). It carries out its first personal exposure little time after to the Gallery Clert Iris in Paris (1959). Antoine Poncet takes part consequently in many demonstrations: 1960, he is Membre of the Jury of the Bourdelle Price; 1961-1965, it takes part in Biennial of Antwerp - Middelheim (Belgium), and in 1963 with the Symposium of sculpture of Manazvru (Japan). 1969, he is a President of the Committee of the Living room of May. In 1983 it receives the Price Henry Moore of the museum of Hakone (Japan) and in 1996 the Price of the Hermitage (Lausanne).

Among the many monumental achievements (Sculpture integrated into architecture):

- Foundation Kyoto, Kyoto (Japan). - Swiss Atlantic, Lausanne (Swiss). - Polytechnic School, Saclay (the Essonne). - Residence Sun and Surfing, Palm Beach (ÉtatsUnis). - Company Oxford Chemical, Atlanta (the United States). - Glove Ltd, New Haven (the United States). - Northwesten University (the United States). - University of Besancon (Doubs). - Stanford University (the United States). - Mount the Sinai Hospital, New York. - Crédit Lyonnais, New York. - Connecticut College, New London (the United States). - E.N.A., Paris. - Embassy of Switzerland, Beijing. - Place of Bergues, Geneva. - Garden of the Palate of the Congresses, Montreux. - Marina Center Singapore. - Teaching hospital, Geneva. - University of Lausanne, Dorigny (C.M.).

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